A sustainability story

A sustainability story

 We are a cycling accessories company who want to inspire more people to ride bicycles but also want to do our part in reducing waste. 

Goodordering ex-tent

This bag used to be a tent, it was collected from a festival in collaboration with registered charity https://fwrdtogether.co.uk/ who salvage the rubbish left behind at festivals. 

Goodordering upcycled tent bag pannier bike bag

We clean, press and make new bags out of the discarded tents. Upcycling materials in products already made bound for landfill is definitely more sustainable than just using recycled materials which requires a lot of energy to re-process.

Here is a video showing just some of the processes involved inmaking the bags

By supporting this project you are supporting the fwrd together charity, a local small business and doing a big part in raising awareness on waste and sustainability. 

You can buy the bags here:


It would really help us if you could share this story around on your social media channels and with friends and family. We are hoping to gain some good sales during this christmas period.

Jacqui Ma
Founder/Designer Goodordering


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