Advice for starting commuter cycling

Advice for starting commuter cycling

There are many people who want to start cycling but are not sure where to start. This post is specifically aimed at people who want to cycle to work or around town or more casually for transport as opposed to sporty cycling. I've collated some advice and presented here the top tips for getting started cycling.

1. Get yourself a comfortable bike with the seat and handlebars at the correct height. A step through bike is easier to ride for begnners as its easier to stop and keep stable with your legs.

2. Wear comfortable clothing, i would avoid flared trousers and long skirts as these can be a hazard for safety. Also getting the right accessories such as helmet,  sunglasses and pannier bag can make things easier as a beginner cyclist.

3. Have rest days. Every couple of days, take a rest to allow your body to recover.

4. Measure yourself, i use Strava for bicycles which measures things like time, distance and speed, nothing too detailed but enough for great motivation if you are the analytical type.

5. Make it fun. Choose a nice place to ride to for example a cafe or a park or a book shop and make it an adventure to ride your bike there.

6. Build up your distance and intensity over time and be consistent. If you ride your bike for at least 30 minutes a day will build up your cardiovascular and muscular endurance which will in turn, all you to go on longer rides as time goes on. 

7. Try an e-bike. These will allow you to ride for longer and in many ways have more fun as there is less emphasis on tired legs and more emphasis on adventure.

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8. Ride with a friend or friends. Especially finding a pal who is more experienced will make riding more fun and easier to get started. Especially if you have someone to follow which will allow you to focus on the fun and dynamics rather than directions.

9. Contrary to the previous point, don't be pressurised to ride at a certain pace. Start slow and don't feel the need to keep up with anyone else.

10. Just start - many people advise not to overthink it too much, just to 'do it' which means just start with short rides and build up your confidence and joy of cycling over time.

11. Make your bike extra seen - whether it be tying a balloon to your handlebars or wearing something very high vis, the 'louder' your bike the more space you will get from traffic!
12. Start out on easy flat terrain.


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