Baby on Board

Baby on Board

We will give away a free baby change mat to all pregnant people. The mats co-ordinate with the lining of the Goodordering bags. The folding mat secured with a press stud and padded with foam is also ideal for using as a mat when going on a picnic or hike. Normally we sell this mat for £5 on our website SHOP NOW.

You can easily wipe it clean and its lightweight and water resistant.

Baby change mat

Of course you this free mat offer is also applicable to all types of families as our brand is definitely one that accepts and loves all people. So if you are adopting or are having a baby by surrogate you are eligible too! 

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You can also purchase one of our sew-on BABY ON BOARD patches on our website HERE. You can sew it onto your favourite bag, t-shirt or jacket, or if sewing seems too permanent then you can attach with a safety pin. Buy a patch now HERE
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Above is a picture of Kaldon, Stephen and Yoshi modelling their dad styles in Hackney at a photoshoot before lockdown. Goodordering prides itself on an open minded attitude towards parent hood and we believe that everyone needs to share the load when it comes to parenting, God knows its hard enough as it is!

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