Bag charms the latest trend

Bag charms the latest trend

 Bag personalisation is back! A trend i absolutely love. here are some photos of some great examples of people decorating their bags with fun charms.


Exercise your creative flair

People have been decorating their bags with luxury charms mixed with common utilitarian bits such as rope and key rings. Some examples are highly curated and others are a mish mash of random objects.
Repeated motifs or repeated colours can really bring all your charms together. I love this photo below showing that too many leather pony charms can never be enough.

One of the reasons i love this trend is that you can really personalise your bag creating a unique item that no one else has. Using common household items such as zip ties, balloons, hair clips and shells, there are no rules to putting together this trend.

Although many of the examples here are charms decorating luxury bags, it is just as effective to personalise any bag from backpacks, totes and also luxury leather hand bags.

Goodordering bags primed for embellishment

At Goodordering we have even added charms and embellishments to our little transparent bag organiser. Some of our other Goodordering bags are primed for embellishment as they have hanging 'd' rings and handles and zip pulls that are perfect for hanging things from. If your bag has limited 'hanging' ability you can always use pins and stickers to embellish your bag

You can see more customised Goodordeirng bags here

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Mix high end with high fashion

Charm ideas include mini coin purses, soft plush toys, key charms, rope, luggage tags and fidget toys. I raided my kids junk drawers for some of my favourite charms below such as the pop-its and squishy toys seen below. 

You can search for party bag fillers and mini coin purses to find some great items online.


Where to find bag charms

You can also raid car boot sales to find great unique items that you can re-purpose by adding key chain attachments to them yourself! Look at items that you already have in your stash, they may have more of a sentimental value and therefore speak more personally about you.

Making your generic bag your own unique piece

I went to ikea yesterday and found some cute items to add to my bags! As a general rule the more plain bags show off the charms better. 

However if your bag is patterned or embellished already it can definitely make for a fun and over the top look that can also look fantastic!


Mix colour and texture

Colour and texture is key, by using a combination of different textures such as shiny, furry, plastic, pointy and smooth you can really have so much fun creating your iconic charm embellished bag.

Be more sustainable

Even the most iconic bags can do with a bit of personalisation! the best thing about it is that you can change it up as often as you like and you have yourself a brand new bag!

This trend definitely ties in with a more layered fun approach to dressing overall, so whilst you are embellishing your bag think about embellishing your outfit too!!

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In summary

  • Bag charms elevate any kind of bags - they can even make cheaper bags look more luxury and high fashion
  • Personalising your bag can be more sustainable as you can change up your look without actually buying a new bag
  • Charms mixed between found objects and sentimental items create an amazing eclectic look
  • 2024 sees more trends that are about customisation and standing out from the crowd from maximalist dressing to DIY craft projects.

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