Benefits of cycling for students 

Benefits of cycling for students 

If you are a student, whether it be primary, high school, college or university, cycling is something you should seriously consider. Here are just some of the many reasons why cycling is a great option for students to consider. In summary, riding a bicycle is great for students because:

  1. You can go door to door
  2. Its a cheap form of transportation - great for student budgets
  3. Its good for all fitness levels
  4. Cycling boosts brain power
  5. Its good for the environment
  6. It will help you sleep better
  7. It will help students do better academically

Door to door

When you cycle it simplifies your journey. A a bicycle can take you from door-to-door rather than having to make up your journey with multiple different modes of transportation. As long as you have a good lock, you can leave your bicycle right outside your destination. Cycling can also be faster than public transport, with no waiting around for trains and busses and less dependency on transport running late, being cancelled or diverted.

Cheap form of transportation

Students are known to be resourceful people who can live on low budget. As a student you are always looking for ways to cut costs. A bicycle is significantly cheaper than public transport. You will need to purchase the bike- which you can do by looking for a second hand bicycle, and then you should get it serviced once a year. Aside from that and the odd puncture, riding a bike is free! 

Good for all fitness levels

Cycling is a low impact aerobic exercise that offers a wealth of benefits. It also varies in intensity, so it’s suitable for all levels. You can cycle as a mode of transportation, for casual activity, or as an intense, competitive endeavor. For people who consider themselves unfit, cycling actually strengthens your lower body, including your legs, hips, and glutes. If you want a workout that's gentle on your back, hips, knees, and ankles, this is a great choice. The low impact nature of cycling means that you can start off very gently and build up your speed or distances as your fitness level improves.

Cycling boosts brain power

Cycling can ease feelings of stress, depression, or anxiety. Focusing on the road or your cadence when cycling can help you develop concentration and awareness of the present moment. This may help take your focus away from the mental chatter of your day. Research backs this up. One study found that biking outside improved cognitive functioning and well-being for older adults. If you find yourself feeling lethargic, listless, or like your brain is moving slowly, get on your bike for at least 10 minutes. Exercise promotes the release of endorphins in your body, which helps you feel better while lowering your stress levels. As the study above found, exercise outdoors only increases these effects.


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Good for your mental health

If you’re feeling a bit lethargic or restless, you’ll be surprised at what cycling 15 minutes a day around your local area can do for a healthy mindset. The benefits of exercise are far and wide and getting a regular boost of endorphins and serotonin is great for when you need to focus on your studying. Focusing on the road while cycling helps ease feelings of stress and anxiety, while helping clear your mind of mental chatter.

It is the most environmentally sustainable option

If you encourage your child to cycle to school or university, you are establishing very good habits for the outlook on sustainability which will last them for their whole lives. Is 100% great for the environment. You are using your own pedal power and not emitting any dangerous fossil fuels to the environment. We already know that cycling is one of the most sustainable methods of transport out there. In fact, studies show that cycling only accounts for five grams of CO2 emissions per kilometre ridden — more than ten times less than driving a car. Check out these trek bicycles which are great value and excellent all-rounder bikes. You don't have to have a huge budget, for under £750 you can get something like this hybrid trek bicycle with pannier rack, which is going to great for commuting to school or college.

Better sleep

Students who cycle will sleep better. The explanation is simple. Cycling lowers the stress hormone cortisol levels and gets your circadian rhythm back in sync. These factors lead to a more restful sleep. As a student, sleep it vital, your brain is attempting to take in a great deal of new information. Young students such as kids are still growing and for young people sleep

Is even more important. Studies have shown that kids who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, behaviour, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health. Not getting enough sleep can lead to high blood pressure, obesity and even depression.

If you find yourself feeling lethargic, listless, or like your brain is moving slowly, get on your bike for at least 10 minutes. Exercise promotes the release of endorphins in your body, which helps you feel better while lowering your stress levels. As the study above found, exercise outdoors only increases these effects. Consider taking a pre-workout for focus before your cycling session to enhance your concentration and help you get the most out of your ride.

Do better academically 

Lauren Bradshaw, a professional essay writer from states that cycling can improve your brain's cognition, functioning, and physical structure. Cycling also increases the connectivity in the brain’s gray matter, which can subsequently help lessen the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

So now that you believe that cycling is the best thing to do as a student, you just need to get set up with a bicycle and some lessons. If you live in a busy city there are many organisations, some subsidised by the government that can help you to have riding lessons so you feel safer in traffic. 

We at Goodordering also recommend that you get yourself the right equipment including a good bag such as our rolltop backpack that can either be worn as a backpack or attached to the pannier rack of a bicycle. This will help to take the load off your body and help you to focus on riding safely. Having a pannier bag such as our Goodordering market shopper will also be great to double as a school bag. Our bags come in nice bright colours and are originally inspired by school bags! You can also personalise your backpack to make it stand out at school or university. 

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