Everyone is on instagram these days so use this quick guide on the range of hashtags out there documenting urban cycling.  



This hashtag was created by yours truly at Goodordering. We would stalk london commuter cyclists on their way to work and snap pictures of them out and about on the weekends. We were fascinated by the variety of cyclists in London. The hashtag features mum's dropping their kids off, bicycle couriers, cargo bikers, kids, adults, and even a few unicycles. Standing for 'goodordering style dose', the hashtag is still a good resource for those wanting to check out the latest urban cycling style.

Style dose



As it says on the tin, this hashtag is all about cycle style. Many brands and individuals use this hashtag to document their take on cycling fashion. is also great UK based online urban cycling store stocking a wide range of cycling apparel, accessories and gifts all targeted towards the non-competitive cyclist.

Cycle chic



Not strictly about urban cycling, this hashtag includes a wide range of outdoor activities, one of which is cycling. From early morning rides, cycling events and bikes against walls, this hashtag celebrates all things invigorating and inspirational about being outside.

Outside is free



Bike shops are the core of the community when it comes to cycling. I don't know about you but my commute has always been accented by the bike shops along the way...just in case i have a puncture! I have probably visited all of them on the way from Hackney to the West End in London. I love everything about bike shops, the way they are a often a community hub, the way the bikes and tyres hang down from the roof. I love the diversity of them from the family owned ones to the ones that only sell used and vintage bikes. The ones that are also cafes, the ones that are ultra minimalist and the ones that are covered in grease. Check out this hashtag and don't forget to tag your local bike shop on it!

Cycle shop


Some other great cycling hashtags that have an urban, commuter focus include:


















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