Best gifts for Urban Cyclists

Best gifts for Urban Cyclists

Looking for a good gift for a cyclist? Here are some present ideas for people who ride in towns or cities they are less likely to be wearing lycra but instead they will be wearing jeans and riding a fixie or vintage bike.

What do you buy for someone who is not a bike nerd but just that cool person who in your life who cycles to work every day and occasionally rides home a bit tipsy. I have found that its a difficult balance of getting something useful, unique and thoughtful.

As a commuter cyclist myself, there are many cycling related bits and bobs that i would love to receive as a gift. They are not cushion covers with bikes on them or a mug with a motivational bike statement on it. Rather these items are useful and chic. Here is my list to share with you.

Bicycle maintenance classes

A voucher for a puncture repair class

Around £15 - £80

London bike kitchen run classes from beginners to pros, anyone who might be caught with a puncture riding over broken glass in a gutter on a monday morning might find being able to confidently change an inner tube really useful! A very good gift given that we are living in a time of experience over material goods (don't get me started!)

London Bike Kitchen classes

Evans Cycles Fixit classes


Knog and crane brass bicycle bells

A luxury bike bell

Around £30

You definitely need a bell in urban settings, i have been caught out on several occasions where people in suits talking on the mobile phones have literally stepped out onto the road without looking. You want a bell with a nice loud ding!

Knog bicycle bell as sold through Tredz

Crane hand painted brass bells sold through

Silicone phone holders for bicycles FINN
Silicone rubber band style phone holder

Around £5 - £15 

Great for navigating your way around town, this minimalist gadget is simple but so effective. It reminds me of my old swatch watch protectors from the 80s! Just wrap it around the handlebars and attach your phone to it like a rubber band.

Finn bicycle phone holder sold through FINN

The incredible bike band as sold through

The peoples Ponchos ottos ponchos
Poncho or raincoat

Around £65 - £80 

Lets face it, it might rain when you are on your bike and it shouldn’t deter the hardy commuter cycling from taking their bike to work. A good rain coat or poncho that is lightweight and can be stashed away easily is essential. The benefit of a poncho is that you can wear it on top of anything and even slip it over a backpack. Here are some of our favourite ponchos.

Otto Poncho available from

The People’s Poncho

Goodordering handlebar bags
Handlebar bag

Around £20 - £40 

These are great for accessing things quickly and are an easy gift because they fit every bike. The Goodordering bags have simple webbing and velcro straps that allow them to fit on easily and quickly and shoulder straps so you can use the bag when you are not on your bike as well. When buying a handlebar bag for an urban cycling-loving friend, its important to consider design and colour as much as just pure functionality. Ask yourself the questions - what colours do they like, what are their other bags like?

Goodordering saddle bag

Goodordering handlebar bag

Rear mud guards ass saver
Minimalist rear mud guard

Around £6-£14

Having a mud guard on a bicycle in a city is just good manners, no one likes to be sprayed as they ride behind another cyclist through traffic. Even worse is having a striped of brown goo going up your favourite coat. A mud guard is a great gift to give a cyclist who doesn’t already have one. One of the key things to look for is something that can be easily attached. I like these because they are fun and minimal in style, and as they are low cost, if they don’t like it, its no big deal.

Ass saver as sold through

The Bar Fly rear mudguard sold through Sigma Sports

Aftershokz headphones
Out of ear (bone conduction) headphones

Around £34 - £90

Everyone says that you shouldn’t listen to music whilst cycling. I tend to agree, however… these bone conduction headphones are specifically designed for running or cycling in urban areas because they do not go inside your years which they describe allow you to “keep your senses attune to ambient sounds”. Aftershokz are the main brand to look out for, but other brands do sell similar products.

Aftershokz headphone as sold though Sigma Sports

Panasonic Bone conduction headphones sold through Amazon

Bike art

You can get your loved on something that they can keep forever even if they don't always have their bike such as this motorcycle wall art or one of these personalised cycling art works on etsy. 

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