Bicycle Umbrellas and rain covers

Bicycle Umbrellas and rain covers

If you live in a country that rains a lot like here in the UK you might be interested in the latest developments for keeping dry on your bicycle - if you are looking for something a bit more functional, or whackier than standard raincoat, You have stumbled upon the right blog post. ☔️


bicycle plastic rain cover

Here is another invention which is currently sold on etsy for around £110. Its a bicycle rain cover that works like a tent, by attaching onto the axle of the wheels. It has some mixed reviews. You can see it on ETSY here

etsy bike cover for rain

 But before you rush out to buy this product, here is a negative comment:

"Product is unfeasible, the tent poles are only held together by flimsy plastic brackets, as a result the entire canopy flew apart only after 3 minutes of riding on the first day. The slightest tension or tap will literally send the tent poles flying out so forget about riding this in even mild breeze. At this point I feel cheated and don't feel like I should have paid 189$ (CAD) for something that stopped functioning after 3 minutes The concept is great but the product is far from practical, using tent poles and flimsy brackets makes this a fragile product that will burst out, unclipping and clipping alone takes an hour."

 You can also go for a whole head covering which protects the most important part of you. There is a high fashion look and also a more 'back to the future' look below. 

Rain hat for cycling

Here is the other one which i kind of like.

bicycle head covering raincoat

This one above looks like a spoof product, i wonder if it really works. Personally i would feel a bit like i'm inside a fish bowl wearing this concertina clear bubble whilst riding a bicycle. On the up side, it would certainly keep cars away from me. 

codered reflective hat

This cool hat is by Russian brand Codered,i don't think it really exists in real life any more but as a conceptual product i really like it. I think it looks awesome and looks like it is also quite functional as well.

This folding umbrella hat is actually currently available on amazon, i am very tempted to puchase it and try it out.


Umbrella hat amazon

This picture here makes it look quite stylish, i definitely think i could pull this off :) 

Visor hat for cycling

When cycling The key challenge is the wind factor when riding, that is why are regular umbrella would be difficult to use, even if it was hands free. 

If you are a Glasses wearer like me you have an additional challenge, which is keeping the raindrops off your glasses. This makes it even more important to find a good solution for rain coverage when riding a bicycle in a down pour. Upon doing some research, coatings seem a bit useless, but a helmet with a visor or a base ball cap can do the trick.

A blogger suggested this

Most riders recommend removing your pair of glasses if the rain is very heavy, but that's not possible if you wear corrective glasses. The best thing to do during a downpour is to stop every so often and wipe your glasses. A chamois cloth or even your finger helps clean off some of the water droplets.

Dog with glasses with wipers 

Or if you are open to a bit of wiper action, you can try out some glasses with wind shield wipers on them.

 Wet glasses when cycling

Here are some other pictures worth checking out for some inspiration.

Bicycle rain cover

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