Bicycle with flowers on the back

Bicycles and plants

Bicycles and plants are an unexpected combination but are brought together through their connection to nature and sustainability. When i think of cycling i am riding through Hackney or central london, but i long to ride a bike along a path filled with flowers and under the shade of trees.

Riding bike in holland near red tulips

You can find bicycle tours through the Dutch countryside to do exactly that, have a look at organised rides such as this one, or google ones that are available in other regions. 

Here are some fun facts about cycling and plants. If you ever wondered why you get a wonderful feeling when riding through a flower filled park on a bicycle on a sunny day, here are some reasons!

1. Photosynthesis Power: Plants along cycling routes play a crucial role in oxygenating the air through photosynthesis, providing cyclists with fresh, clean air to breathe as they ride.

2. Natural Scents: Cycling near blooming flowers or fragrant plants can enhance the sensory experience, with scents like lavender or jasmine often present along paths, adding to the enjoyment of the ride.

3. Natural Fuel Stops: Some cycling routes pass by fruit-bearing trees like apple or orange trees, providing cyclists with natural fuel in the form of snacks to refuel during their journey.

4. Shade Providers: Trees and large plants along cycling trails offer shade, allowing cyclists to take breaks from the sun and cool down during hot rides, enhancing comfort and safety.

5. Ecosystem Diversity: Cycling through different plant ecosystems, such as forests, wetlands, or meadows, exposes riders to diverse flora and fauna, enriching their understanding and appreciation of the natural world.


Hanoi bicycle loaded with flowers

This bicycle loaded up with flowers in Hanoi, Vietnam is a joyous sight! Deliverying flowers by bicycle has also proven to be a profitable business in countries such as UK and the USA. 

Here are some businesses who deliver flowers by bicycle in the USA in small cities that make this possible. With the introduction of cargo bikes this is even more viable and sustainable.

freddies flowers europe flowers by cargo bike

1. **BloomThat**: BloomThat provides eco-friendly bicycle delivery in select cities across the United States.

2. **Farmgirl Flowers**: Farmgirl Flowers offers bicycle delivery in specific areas within the United States.

3. **UrbanStems**: UrbanStems prioritizes sustainability and provides bicycle delivery services in certain urban areas in the United States.

bike vase

This bike case is the perfect valentines gift for your loved one, the gift that keeps on giving as you can collect flowers on your way to work and it will always put a smile on your face. My kids often collect flowers on the way home from school pick up and this little bicycle vase would be perfect for me!

Mobile garden on bike wheel

Here is some wheat grass growing within the spokes of a bicycle i'm not sure how this works and actually it gives me goosebumps on my arms to look at but it shows that plans and nature can be attached to bicycles especially those which are stored outdoors. The little elasticated pots are also an ingenious design and bring the rider even closer to nature especially in an urban setting. Novel bike accessories are always a fun gift idea for a bike lover.

Miniature garden on a bicycleThis bike lock below looks quite lightweight and not a great one for central london but i can think of other locations where this would work perfectly well.

Ivy plant bike lock

bike lock ivy by mooki noodle

Bike locks have not changed much over the years and always looks so brutal, but not this one. I love the idea of a bike lock that inspired a different feeling for the user. Read more about the Mooki noodle Ivy bike lock here.

Tree transportation on a bicycle china

Bicycles have been used to transport 'things' for many years especially in Asia - China, Vietnam and Thailand. With the development of e-bikes, the loads and the distance travelled can both be further increased. 

Did you know that the roots of the bicycle actually trace back to ancient China? Yeah, it's pretty cool! Way back in the 9th century, Chinese inventors crafted the first prototypes of what we now recognize as bicycles. These early contraptions, called "velocipedes," were basically wooden frames with wheels attached and were propelled by pushing with the feet. They weren't quite as sleek or fancy as today's bikes, but hey, they got the job done! Over time, this nifty invention spread to Europe and underwent all sorts of transformations, eventually evolving into the modern bicycles we ride today. So, next time you hop on your bike, just think—you're carrying on a tradition that started centuries ago in China!

Jacqui Ma pop up with flowers in pannier

In summary

Your bike is a great way to show off your sustainable credentials and bring you closer to nature. Here are the main ways that bikes connect with plants that are worth exploring.

1. Transporting flowers by bicycle are viable businesses

2. There are a number of bike accessories such as panniers and tiny planters that allow you to carry plants on your bike.

3. You can go on bike tours that specialise in seeing flowers and cycling in nature - for all ages and levels.


Bicycle holidays for families.

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