Bike storage under stairs

Bike storage

Bikes don't come cheap these days, if you love your bike you will want to look after it and keep it safe especially if you live in a city where there is a high volume of bikes stolen every day.

  • Here are some cool ways to store your bicycle inside your flat or house that will look cool and not take up too much room. 

Goodordering bicycle storage ideas

The storage solution is by Feioi

Take a look at our PINTEREST BOARD called BIKE STORAGE which is completely dedicated to options for storing your bicycle indoors or in your garage. There are options showing wall mountings for single or multiple bicycles. They also don't need to look too ugly or utilitarian, there are some bicycle mounts that are beautiful pieces of furniture in their own right.


bicycle storage wall mount

Incorporating your bicycle storage into a shelf where you are likely to put other items such as helmet, keys, locks etc is a good way to keep all your bike related gear together in the one place. It also integrates your bicycle into the room visually.

Bike storage by Goodordering

Use symmetry to create a cleaner finish to multiple bicycle storage. It sometimes not just about the actual space the bicycles are taking up but the space around the bicycles that make them look like a feature. 

Bike storage on walls

Practicality is key in bike storage when you are bringing your bicycle in and out almost daily. So if you can bring in a seat, and storage for your other items no matter how it looks your bike storage will sing with practicality which is beautiful in itself.

Bike storage by Goodordering

Using colour to border a bicycle wall is a good idea, it also ensure that any white walls don't get spoiled by bicycles coming in and out of the weather, dirt and grime of the outdoors.

Bike storage by Goodordering

If you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling why not use a pulley system to hoist your bicycle up into the unused space up high.

Bike storage by Goodordering

bicycle storage furniture

Bicycle storage doesn't always need to be wall mounted, this piece of furniture looks perfectly complete without the bicycle but when the bicycle is placed on the furniture it looks purpose designed. Having your bicycle simply elevated from the floor and placed somewhere specific can turn your wheels immediately into an interior design feature.

Where do you store your bicycle right now?

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