Brexit bag

Brexit bag

We have fallen in love with our brand new, limited edition Brexit bag, its made in the UK by our friends from Chapman Bags in Cumbria. Here are some sneak peak photos, you will be able to purchase them right now for delivery in 1 week. Be quick as there are only 18 available.

Brexit bag 2 made in England by Goodordering

The reason its our Brexit bag is because its made in the UK, bypassing all the malakey associated with having to renegotiate manufacturing costs, payments and the rest of the stuff that now has affected the strength of the dollar in relation to our current Chinese manufacturers.

We have wanted to manufacture bags in the UK from day 1 but its been cost prohibitive.

To compare prices, our made in China equivalent is made from different fabrics bu retails at £40. Compared to that you can see this teeny weeny bag has to retail at £185 to make it work for us. It should actually retail for between £240 and £280 but we have decided to sell it only directly to our customers rather than selling through a wholesale channel. The direct to consumer model is the only way we can push through and offer this bag to you at a reasonable price to our customers.

Brexit bag goodordering

Click <here> to go to the product page where you can get full details of this lovely bag.

Goodordering brexit bag

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