Bring a plate

Bring a plate

As you might know we are having our launch party for our NEW SHOP next saturday the 18th of November.

We'd love if our lovely guests could bring along a plate with them to our party! (we'll bring the booze! and juice)

bring a plate 80s party food

When i was a kid, coming from a big family, my mum has 5 siblings and when the family all came over everyone would turn up with a plate to share. It made getting together a small effort for everyone and meant we got together almost every week. It also meant we had so much diversity in food. My mum made a killer trifle, aunty Leola would bring roast pork, and there was always a random and often mismatched table of delicious food.

80s party food

At the end of the night the plates would be cleaned and all the food polished off or re-packaged into tuppaware containers for people to take home each other's food.

80s party food trifle

At Goodordering, we are all about family, good times and sharing. So please come by our shop opening next Saturday the 18th of November between 5pm-9pm and bring a plate of your speciality party food to share with strangers!

Party details
Address: 61a Hackney Road, London E2 7NX

See you there!

Jacqui and the Goodordering team!

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