Broadway Market

Broadway Market

Over the last couple of years we have been a weekly resident at East London's famous Broadway Market. We love our spot between the bread stall and 34point4 a natural beauty company run by Elke. Our other neighbours include Jamie from Jamie Gaunt and Mole from Planet Patrol Gallery who sells art prints.

Goodordering at Broadway Market

The things we love about being at the market include:

Although when its raining and cold its not so nice. But its surprising that when the weather is not as good we get way more people in the market shopping. 

Even though the majority of our sales happens online to customers all around the world, we love to meet directly with customers. 

Because Broadway Market is so well known, many tourists from other countries come and visit the market, they can discover us and its always nice to make new friends and customers from far flung corners of the globe from New Zealand to New York.

Buying a bicycle bag or a backpack can be a big investment, it has to fit right, feel right and look right. Since we don't have our own retail store, its great to have the market for local customers to be able to come and try before they buy. Its always a great way to test the bags to see whether they fit on your bicycle and compare the different styles.

Goodordering at Broadway Market

Over the years we have become a permanent fixture of Broadway Market, we have been featured on their Instagram account, we attend the meetings and we get discounts from our fellow stall holders. Its a fun place to be on a Saturday, especially when the sun is shining. 

If you are in the neighbourhood, please come down and visit us and say hi. You will have no shortage of nice food to eat and other brands to discover.

broadway market east london

Map: Click here for Googlemap
Opening hours: approx 9.30am - 4.30pm Saturdays

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