Cable art digital garbage repurposed

Cable art digital garbage repurposed

 Do you have one of those boxes filled with random cables, plugs and adaptors that you don’t want to throw out because you might need them one day?

Well I do! And this is my one below in this box. I've cleared it out several times but it is still full of a mixture of cables that i think i might need one day! This lead me to think about how i could use these more sustainably and not just throw them out. Technology tends to become redundant so fast, so using cables out of the tech context really does make sense!

Box of random cables
I rummage through it maybe once or twice a year looking for something that I usually don’t find, but then find a few things to throw out that are well and truly redundant and then put the box away to where it was. It got me thinking about sustainability and how we can reuse these pieces of plastic, metal and cord in creative ways. So I did a bit more research and found that some people already have done this, and some of the results are quite amazing! 

Fruit bag made from cables

This one is a fantastic useful fruit bag made from old orange wire.

Bag made from cables

Bowl made from cables


Cable earrings

 Here is a basket made from upcycled wire with other materials. The sturdy nature of electrical cable lends itself well to being used for weaving and sculpting.

Bowl made from cable wired

Cable mess

Belt from cables

Shoes made from cables

Cables messy

Top made from cables

Cable art piece

Cable art

Cable art

Cable basket

Cable art


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