Analogue car games for road trips

Analogue car games for road trips

Got a staycation planned for this summer or a weekend trip away with kids? If you want to avoid getting the kids car stick with an electronic device, a great way to pass time is to play car games. Here are some Wallden-Ma favourites and also some more that i researched for this article.


One person chooses an item they see on the road and everyone else has to guess.


Print out bingo cards ahead of time and as each person sees the object they can put a marker on that item


Go around the car and each person starts with the sentence... "i go to the shop and i buy a ...." and selects something that starts with A, the second person repeats the sentence, says the A item and then adds an item beginning with B. You go through the whole alphabet trying to remember each item and adding your own.


Each person has a go at making a sound and then the others have to guess what makes that sound. It could be an animal or vehicle or anything that makes a sound. 


This is not specifically a car game but a fun conversational point for car rides. One person asks two options and the other person has to answer. Eg, One of our family favourites is "would you rather eat a tea spoon of someone else's poo or a cup of your own poo?"


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