Have you heard of the term 'CLOWNCORE'? well i hadn't until the recent realisation that it pretty much sums up my life and the way i dress and act. Its a riff on the term 'normcore' which was very 2012 and definitely not the way i dress. NORMAL is definitely not my thing and i don't think Goodordering is aimed at people who specifically want to fit in. There are a bunch of whacky people and brands that celebrate the fun, playful, loud in a larger than life, proud kind of way and I LOVE IT! 

Clowncore and Goodordering

The iconic smiley print has been reimagined by PLANETPATROL GALLERY - but with subversive sayings added underneath in a rebellious but playful way. Even interiors have moved away from the less is more, minimalist style to styles that are more personal and artistic.

Interior: @thepryingeyes
check fashion: @totesinappropriate
purple wall: @imsarahstepanek
beret/collar: @elledujour

CLowncore interiors


Everything from interiors and products through to fashion can be part of the CLOWNCORE tribe. It reminds me a bit of how you would act and dress and decorate your digs when you are in university. A naive effort of being grown up with things gathered from hand me downs and car boot sales with the odd designer piece thrown in. 

Goodordering rucksacks Clowncore

This is a photoshoot done by my friend Kasia from @kosmanina  she did this shoot with her two kids during lockdown. Being creative with kids is one of my favourite things and this trend is definitely inspired by the playfulness of youth. 

clowncore mood board

Japanese harajuku style dressing also takes inspiration from the clowning world. 

“The trend originated in the Harajuku area of Tokyo, in a district called Shibuya that spreads from Harajuku Station to Omotesando, with the epicentre being a side street named ‘Takeshita Dori’; lined with chic shops, fashion boutiques and used clothing stores where teenagers flock every Sunday to pick up the latest piece of eccentric clothing.“

Liz parry pr 

In my opinion, dressing ourselves is an extension of how we feel but it can also influence how we feel. Sometimes i do feel like wearing grey and disappearing into the walls, but somehow when i wear my bright clothing with personality and attitude, i can't help but to feel lifted up.

Clowncore harajuku

So whether you want to go all our CLOWNCORE 🤡 or you just want to incorporate statement elements into your style, you are not alone. Of all kinds of fashion and design trends, I really like the colour, vibrancy and playful aspect that comes from CLOWNCORE. 

I would love to hear your comments on this trend!! Do you like dressing in a high octane way ? how do you do it, what are your favourite designers, bloggers and stylists that work into this style of dressing? Please share!

bicycle with cans - funny bike

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