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Cool inflatables

Here are some inflatable items from around the world that have caught my attention recently. Some of them are quite humorous And some of them are pure engineering genius. From art to commercial items the use of air to recreate giant figures has been an intriguing and interesting inspiration for me at Goodordering. 

Giant inflatable yellow rubber duck

This giant inflatable yellow rubber rubber duck is very cute and is seen here in Hong Kong harbour. You can see the scale of it by looking at the boat directly behind it which is dwarfed in comparison.

Master balloon artist Masayoshi Matsumoto

Master balloon artist Masayoshi Matsumoto creates incredibly intricate animal creations using only balloons. Here on this website you can see the other animals he has created including the beetle below.

Master balloon artist Masayoshi Matsumoto  beetle

 Below is a children's inflatable playground, perfect for keeping dozens of children occupied during a birthday party. If i had the space and money, this would be my go-to birthday party installation! 

Giant inflatable soft play children’s area 
Below is a giant inflatable blue Swan, it looks like a promotional stand from American telecoms company AT&T.  I bet there are some kids big and small who would love to have a jump on this !

Giant inflatable blue Swan

Below the mega unicorn which can seat over 5 people looks like a commercial item that you could probably buy on Amazon.  I want to how many people it would take to blow this up? You could perhaps host a kids birthday party on this one and push them out to sea for a bit of fun!

Giant inflatable unicorn

Inflatable white jumping castle

This white giant bouncy castle is an art installation by artist William Forsyth in a gallery in Hamberg. It is quite striking to remove all the colours normally associated with children’s jumping castles to see this item looking quite spectacular. 

Inflatable clear bubble in a forest

This giant inflatable clear bubble in the middle of the forest makes for an amazing conference space. The interesting thing about this one is that you can see the tree growing out of the bubble I’m not sure how they do that. I hope all the people inside the bubble can breathe. 

Paul McCarthy is inflatable art structures

This is a giant inflatable pig which is part of Paul McCarthy’s inflatables exhibition in Utrecht, Netherlands. Many artists have used inflatable structures recently to make big statements in public places.

inflatable cockroach by Paul McCarthy

This inflatable cockroach is also by artist Paul McCarthy for an exhibition in Hong Kong. Apparently it didn’t last very long but luckily there are some photos of it before it got destroyed by the weather. 

inflatable titanic 
This Inflatable titanic ship and slide is a commercial item available to purchase as a toy for children’s entertainment. It’s pretty cool.

Inflatable cartoon character on Hong Kong harbour

This giant floating cartoon character looks like a sleeping giant lying on the harbour in Hong Kong. In a colour palette of washed up grey is the impact is quite striking, I wonder what this artist is trying to communicate.

Inflatable designer furniture

Are these actually inflatable or just made to look inflatable? We have seen over the years many interpretations of famous iconic pieces recreated in an inflatable version which is a lot of fun.

Inflatable thank Tiananmen Square

This inflatable tank appeared in Taiwan to mark the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests. An artist erected this inflatable tank and person to mark the 30th anniversary of the protests the balloon installation to pixie iconic encounter between the Chinese citizen and the military thanks also known as the tank man stand-off.

CJ hendry Inflatable house in BrooklynFinally on a slightly darker, more sinister note, this art exhibition Depicts an inflatable house in a Brooklyn gallery by CJ Hendry, The stark white space is a aims to invoke the aesthetic of an insane asylum with a playful touch.

Inflatable house townhouse

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