Cycling facts and figures

Cycling facts and figures

Cycling facts and figures. 

I decided to create this blog post with exactly zero facts and figures in mind. In fact, i am hopelessly ignorant about the technical side of the cycling world. Aside from designing and manufacturing cycling bags, I'm more of a commuter cyclist. someone who supports my local bike shop for jobs as simple as fixing punctures. 

1. Most expensive bike ever

Damien Hirst trek bicycle

The most expensive bike ever, Damien Hirst's Trek Madone, or the Butterfly Bike, was auctioned for $500,000 at Sotherby's. This beautiful Damien Hirst designed bike was ridden by Lance Armstrong into Paris during his 2009 comeback Tour de France. The design was actually commissioned by Bono of U2 fame and those are real butterflies that Hirst lacquered onto the frame of Armstrong’s Trek Madone. Naturally, the butterfly element attracted some negative attention, but Hirst wanted to use the real thing so that they would shimmer when the light caught them.

2. Biggest cycling cities 

Cycling cities copenhagen 

Things have changed a lot in some cities recently making them more cycle friendly. But have you wondered which cities have the high percentage of the population regularly cycling. Here is the chart for the European cyclists association.

Copenhagen 49% 2018
Amsterdam 35% 2017
Berlin 13% 2013
Ljubjana 13% 2018
Helsinki 14% 2019
Zagreb 10.1% 2012
Dublin  10% 2017
Stockholm 9% 2013
Vienna 7% 2017
Paris 5% 2019
Riga  4% 2014
Brussels  4% 2014
Luxembourg 3,5% 2011
Sofia  3% 2010
Nicosia 2% 2010
Athens 2% 2005
Budapest 2% 2014
Bratislava 2% 2012
London 2% 2009
Prague 1% 2013
Tallinn 1% 2012
Vilnius 1% 2010
Warsaw 1% 2009
Lisbon 1% 2013
Bucharest 1% 2007
Rome 0.6% 2012
Madrid 0% 2011

3. The largest bicycle in the world

Worlds largest bicycle

The largest rideable bicycle has a wheel diameter of 3.3 m (10 ft 9.92 in) and was built by Didi Senft from Germany. This record breaking bicycle measures 7.8 m long and 3.7 m in height. The diameter of its wheels measures about 3.3 m wide and weighs approximately 150 kg. Its official measurements were taken at Pudagla Germany on October 2,2012. Senft, who is widely recognized in his devil costume and known as the  Tour de France and Giro d’Italia devil or El Diablo, has invented over 100 bicycles.

4. The first woman to ride a bicycle around the world

Annie Londonderry first woman to ride bike around the world

Traveling with only a change of clothes and a pearl-handled revolver, Miss Londonderry earned her way, in part, by turning her bicycle and her body into a mobile billboard, carrying advertising banners and ribbons through the streets of cities around the world. Thus adorned, and riding a men’s bicycle and a man’s riding suit, Annie turned every Victorian expectation of female propriety on its ear.

5. Longest bike in the world

longest bike in the world

Gas and oil company Santos and the University of South Australia built a 41.42 m (135 ft 10.7 in) long bicycle - that’s approximately twice the length of a bowling lane! Guinness World Records required the constructors to prove that the bike can travel a minimum of 100 meters, without riders touching the ground.

7. Finnish man take a 5 year bike trip

years. 50 countries. 50,000 kilometres. Finnish photographer and explorer Tomi Rantanenas prepares to set off on this once-in-a-lifetime journey. Tomi was inspired by his grand father to ride bikes and over time built up longer and longer rides until he decided to plot out a 5 year bike ride around the world solo. Some of the photos from the trip are truly inspirational. Read more about the trip HERE. You can see some of the amazing photography he has captured here on his instagram account. 

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