Ditch the tube and get on a bike to avoid Corona virus

Ditch the tube and get on a bike to avoid Corona virus

In light of the Corona virus outbreak in New York City Mayor de Blasio asked New Yorkers to bike to work this week to reduce the spread of coronavirus. In London, i agree that a safe bet for avoiding catching the virus is to avoid catching the tube where lots of people are in close contact and there is lack of fresh air.

This video made by Streetfilms about new york bike commuters sheds light on the ups and downs of cycling in a city. Many of the dangers and issues of commuter cycling are also transferable to London. Its worth a watch. Here are some of the points

  • Cycling can be faster
  • Less spread of germs
  • Less cars on the road, less pollution
  • Better for personal health
  • Not have anyone sneeze on you
  • Helps your immune system
  • The infrastructure can still do with improving
  • The underground can take a lot longer than cycling

In summary, the Coroner virus has had a huge impact on people washing their hands which will last well beyond the virus (hopefully!) as good habits are formed. I hope that the increased number of cyclists on the road who have taken up their lycra to avoid the risk of virus on the tube will also have a positive lasting impact.

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