Dopamine Dressing Top trend for 2022

Dopamine Dressing Top trend for 2022

Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter and hormone. It plays a role in many important body functions, including movement, memory and pleasurable reward and motivation. High or low levels of dopamine are associated with several mental health and neurological diseases. 

So what is Dopamine Dressing? its a trend that emerged around 2021 which captures the spirit of high octane, super colourful and fun dressing. Its not just about colour but does have some roots in the science of colour therapy. We feel a surge of happy vibes when our brain releases feel-good chemicals - this can be in anticipation of something fun coming up or simply because of what we wear. So there is a real science behind this trend. I know a lot of people are anti-trend these days, but i urge you to think of fashion trends as something like weather trends, we can't ignore them, they exist and come from wide and numerous sources. No one actually sits down and says "lets start a trend", its more like the identification of trends that exist that we can't deny and then put a name to.

Dopamine dressing

I believe that fashion's responsibility is not just to separate different tribes or classes or people but it's mission should also be to affect our moods. I feel that even more over the last few years, people are starting to dress for themselves as they realise how directly clothes can help to lift their moods. Back in the day we used to dress for other people, society, expectations or to attract partners, but this has evolved. Dopamine dressing celebrates the importance of dressing in a way that makes us feel good first and foremost. I think that when we feel good, those vibes are contagious. 

Dopamine dressing

Dopamine dressing involves dressing with the intention of boosting your mood. Right now with the war of Ukraine, Covid 19 and all the rest of the crazy weather patterns wreaking havoc around the world means that we could all do with a bit of cheering up.

Dopamine dressing comfy shoes

Firstly the clothes we wear should be comfortable, much of the dopamine dressing styles are loose fitting and definitely a lot of comfortable, wearable and this makes it more playful.

dopamine dressing street style copenhagen

Bright clothes and bold patterns are dominating 2022. With eye-catching patterns in electric colours and statement pieces in lime greens, lemon yellows and hot pinks, this trend, known as “dopamine dressing,” has taken over the runways recently for some of fashion’s biggest designers. Dior’s Spring Summer collection boasted pieces in bright orange and green, and Versace‘s Spring Summer 2022 collection revealed tops, skirts and dresses in teal, fuschia and more.

Dopamine dressing Jacqui Ma

This is me above out on the town, i've always loved dressing in colour, print and pattern. In the first image i'm showing off our new eco tartan range with the tartan rolltop backpack / pannier bag which is a practical and fun backpack that is like a tardis. The second image shows a sample of our yellow neon on neon rolltop backpack which is currently in development. The third image shows my wife mia and myself dressed up in our latest crochet projects hitting hackney for her birthday recently.

dopamine dressing

Basically, dopamine dressing doesn’t necessarily need to be about bright colour. It’s about wearing the textures, patterns, pieces and hues that make you feel good. That could be jumpers, joggers or your favourite jumpsuit.

This trend and the brightly coloured clothes we see aren’t just fun to look at — wearing bright, punchy colours can be linked to your mood. By participating in dopamine dressing by putting on an outfit in vivid colours, you can actually make yourself more cheerful — one study from 2012 explains that clothes that are “well-cut, figure-enhancing, and made from bright and beautiful fabrics” made women happy. Try it out for yourself. Even if you are not a bright dresser, try adding some bright coloured accessories to your look - hats, bags or even socks can make a difference to how you feel.

Goodordering Neon range

I'm really excited about expanding the Goodordering range of bags to include some fun loving neon styles. They are great for visibility on the road when cycling and they are also full-on dopamine dressing accessories! 

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Neon fashion at Dover Street Market

Design inspired by Japanese school bags

Novelty bags: Not taking life too seriously



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