Dope Dying Sustainable fabric dyling

Dope Dying Sustainable fabric dyling

Dope-dyeing, also known as solution dyeing, is a method of dyeing synthetic yarns that involves adding dye to the polymer that a filament will be extruded from. Dope dyeing has major process, quality, and environmental benefits over more conventional dyeing processes.

dope dyed yarn

This is a more sustainable method of dying fabrics. Traditionally the fabric is woven and then dyed after it is already made into a fabric, this method combines the 2 processes into one process thereby using less water and also being more efficient in terms of time.

dope dyed fabric

This great thing about this method of dying is that it is sustainable but is also able to produce gorgeous, interesting hues as you can see by the image above.

 Here is a video showing the process brought to life by Ikea.

Other Benefits of DOPE DYED fabrics

More water efficient: By adopting the dope dyeing process, it saves the chemicals up to 63% as the process becomes shorter and less wastewater is generated. This enables direct savings on production costs and ensures a substantial reduction of the ecological footprint of the final products.

Better colour fastness: because the dye process is integrated into the production process the colour goes right through each fibre and is more likely to not only contain a more vivid colour but not rub off or come away in washing and general wear and tear of the fabric or product. 

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