E-bike brands for urban commuters in the £2000-£3000 price bracket

E-bike brands for urban commuters in the £2000-£3000 price bracket

Electric bikes are beginning to replace cars for people living in cities. They are easy to get around in, cheaper to run than cars and also keep you fit. We have done some research into some of the electric bike brands that are the most suitable for city life.

Now that electric bikes have boomed we are seeing sub-categories emerge. So when you are looking for an e-bike it can be a little confusing. Here is a summary of the electric bikes on the market.


Electric classic bikes are our most popular E-Bike for everyday use. They are great for light off road pavement bridal ways and tarmac, offering a very comfortable ride for a causal e-rider and probably the main category that a commuter will consider. For this article i will be focussing on classic e-bikes at entry price points (the cheaper end of the market). The kind of bikes that someone living in a city might consider as their first foray into the electric bike world.

Some brands have created systems to turn any bike into an eBike hybrid?  The Copenhagen Wheel eBike Kit by MIT provides exactly that– a rear wheel that fits standard bikes to provide electric pedal assist technology.  It is powered largely by regenerative braking, it can turn almost any basic bicycle into an electric-powered eBike.


Orbea bike factory

This Spanish company started their life manufacturing arms and weapons such as rifles and guns. The company has been making bikes since the early 1930s and winning Tour de France stages for just as long. Their great track record in bicycle manufacturing (sorry about the pun) has put them in a good position to enter the e-bike market. What they have behind them is heritage and an established name in bike market. Their e-bikes are designed to be ridden with the power on or off and the bikes themselves have a sleek look which don't necessarily look like electric bikes. One of their key selling points is weight - they say they have one of the lightest e-bikes on the market. A bike from Orbea will cost between £2,200-£3000 as an entry point.


Raleigh electric bike

Raleigh is an old old bike company - even some of my favourite vintage bikes are made by Raleigh, so its only expected that they will take a chunk of the growing e-bike market. The Raleigh Motus Tour Plus is a hybrid electric bike, meaning it has a comfortable, upright riding position and everything required for city riding including useful details such as a pannier rack and mud guards. This is the kind of bike that promises you a relaxing ride - maybe through a park for a weekend picnic or to work wearing your work clothes - not lycra. A low-step frame means hopping on and off is easy and approachable. The way you would ride this bike is in my favourite laid-back, pleasurable way. The price tag on this one is about £2,400, i think a great one for all ages - and great for women (like me who like to wear skirts!)



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