Favourite Cycling Moments - Jack Hudspith

Favourite Cycling Moments - Jack Hudspith

Jack Hudspith is the founder and designer of new cycling glove brand on the block called Loffi. They recently had fantastic successful through their recent Kickstarter campaign. Their cycling gloves are all about spreading good, friendly vibes between cyclists, fellow cyclists and drivers - basically everyone who shares the road. Check out their website <here>. Loffi share our cycling philosophy at Goodordering - which is all about encouraging friendly non-competitive cycling.

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When was your most recent happy cycling moment?

There have been quite a few lately, I’ve been waving loads! The other day at peak commuter time a guy on a motorbike put his arm out and gave the slow down signal (like flapping an imaginary wing) for everyone behind him, he did it to make sure a cyclist on the other side of the road could turn right safely across everyone's path. I gave him a big ‘Glove’ thank you for that; he smiled and waved back, definitely a happy moment. Another was finding and then helping a lovely commuter clear glass off the Q1 cycle route in London, numerous punctures saved and good karma well and truly collected, I’m always very pleased not to get a flat tyre : )

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What are Five words that describe urban cycling to you?

where, have, my, lights, gone! Ha, more seriously… Freedom, fun, energising, essential, community

How does cycling make you feel?

It makes me incredibly relieved I don't have to get the tube : ) Now that I think about it, it does actually bring out the very pure feelings of adventure, freedom and joy you get as a kid, inherent human feelings that often get buried when you grow up. What’s so great is that you get all the benefits of cycling, like experiencing places, interacting with people, getting exercise, feeling better, on the way to doing something else – whether it’s work or more fun. The minute cycling starts making you unhappy, cross or anxious there is an issue, there is a fun barrier in the way!

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What is your cycling stomping ground?

South London. I grew up in Herne Hill, just around the corner from the Velodrome and actually did my cycle proficiency test there. I have commuted by bike all over London for the past decade, gradually moving more and more east, from Peckham (and Seabass Cycles) to Deptford (with the fantastic London Velo Cafe). I also cycled a lot when living in New York and studying in Glasgow. Both cities have this incredible urban grid layout, cycling in straight lines through these big city blocks is both a strange and exciting experience, I would definitely recommend it.

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What are your tips for making cycling fun and enjoyable for yourself? 

Cycling different routes on regular journeys is great. Chat to other cyclists at the lights, asking about their bikes is always a good ice breaker. Don't worry that Bromptons sometimes go past you, it happens to everyone : ) Slow down.. in the end you'll always meet those overtakers later in your journey.


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