Festival picks from Goodordering

Festival picks from Goodordering

If anyone is planning on going to a festival this summer, i'm very happy for you! i'm daring to go to one for the first time in many years. It will be a chilled "grown up" type festival, and i'm excited that i'll be sleeping in a van (not a tent!).

So what kinds of cloths and accessories (outfits) are good for festivals, this is my take:

Festival clothing checklist

* comfortable

* can transform from day to night

* bright and optimistic

* don't mind getting ruined

* can be layered

* hands-free bags / accessories

* conversation starters

* items that be styled in different ways

* clothing and accessories that keep you and your stuff safe

* easy to go to the toilet 

Firstly, who am i to give advice? well (like most people) i love dressing, i love clothes and accessories and i often obsess over putting together outfits either for specific occasions or even just for everyday wear. I truly believe that we should express ourselves through clothes, its an opportunity to state who we are , what we believe in and how we want to feel. I would not say that i'm the best dressed around, nor would say that i have the best figure. But i would say that i dress to my personality, body shape and mood, and that is the most important thing.

Dressing up doesn't have to cost a fortune. I worked for 9 years in trend forecasting (wgsn) and spent many a month at fashion weeks, festivals and taking photos of street style. I can definitely say that you can take outfits that you are inspired by worn by celebrities and millionaires and re-create your version of them using high street and thrifted finds. This is where it gets really exciting for me. Below you can see some of my outfits. You can especially see how accessories (specifically bags) are a huge part of my outfit. They sometimes are the core piece, definitely not an afterthought!



Let me go into a bit more detail here on my above checklist.


Its obviously important to feel comfortable to have a good time - when you feel good in what you are wearing it can really elevate your mood and help you get into the spirit of the occasion.

Can transform from day to night

Festivals can be a bit of a time warping blur, people are drinking cider at 8am and having snoozes in the afternoon. There is no real distinction between day and night so therefore your outfit should refect this - you want to wear something that would not be out of place at 11am or 11pm or even 1am! Our bum bag can be worn in multiple ways - over the shoulder cross body, around the waist or slung over your back so the strap is at the front and the bag is on your back. 

In terms of clothes, look for pieces that naturally lend themselves to day / night transitions such as denim, sparkles and layering. You can update and outfit dramatically just by changing your socks or hat! you don't need to change completely to refresh your look for the evening, just change things around and you would be surprised at how this can make your outfit look completely different.

bum bag styling images goodordering
The benefit of wearing our tartan bum bag is that it can add drama and quirkiness to any outfit. Its a talking point because it is inspired by the iconic wash bag / travel bag / laundry bags / ghanaian sack / chinatown tote that everyone has when they move house. They are great for festivals because they are all about the street vibes. You can read more about the history of this fabric on this blog post HERE.

The origin and various names of the Ghanaian sack aka Chinatown tote


Bright and optimistic

You need to have fun and communicate the joyous occasion that is a festival so i would definitely recommend dressing with colour, texture and as much sensory overload as possible!

Can be layered

Layering is so key at festivals, I love the idea that you can wear ab um bag under a coat or on top. You can use the straps to cinch in your silhouette to create really nice shapes with your outfits. Long flowing cardigans or oversized shirts can be a nice way to stay warm as the sun goes down. Socks and sandals layered and thin mesh tops underneath t-shirts are also a good and practical way to layer clothing. For men, vests, waistcoats work well.


Can be styled in different ways

You cannot go wrong with a small bag that can be worn with a black dress or with denim. Taking bags or accessories that 'go' with all the outfits you are wearing is a must for festivals as you really want to pack light and not take too many things out and about with you especially as you may not be in full brain function mode the whole time. Taking one bag that you remember is your bag will make it easier not to forget, and your friends will also come to realise that is your bag so it will be easier for everyone to help eachother keep track of each other's things.

Goodordering bum bag styling

 Here is another mood board showing the different styling options for bum bags in general, also featuring the oversized Goodordering tartan bum bag. 

Keep your stuff safe

On a more practical level, this bum bag has 4 separate pockets. When you are at a festival there are certain things you want to carry around with you such as bank cards but you want them to be in a different pocket to the things you are constantly getting in and out (such as a whistle or a pen) By having separate pockets you can keep important things extra secure. When i designed this bag, i really took care to think about how someone would use this bag, the clear pocket on the back is specifically for your phone. You can still press buttons through the clear vinyl, such as looking at texts or following a map without actually getting your phone out. This function is super duper useful at a festival when you may have dirty hands or your hands full of pints! Being able to dance hands-free is also a big consideration!

bum bag back view clear pocket goodordering tartan bum bag festival large waist pack 


 Hands -free dressing

It goes without saying that its important to be hands-free when you are at a festival. Dancing and walking around enjoying the festivities is something you want to do without carrying too much around with you. 

See how this bum bag is styled on top of the denim jacket, i love this look. It doubles as a belt, you can style that oversized rain jacket or denim jacket to suit exactly how you want it to look by adjusting the length of the webbing strap.

Easy to go to the toilet

Choosing clothes and accessories that are easy to navigate in when nature calls at a festival is essential for both comfort and convenience. Opting for items like loose-fitting pants with elastic waistbands or jumpsuits allows for quick and hassle-free trips to the restroom. Additionally, wearing minimal accessories or selecting ones with secure closures ensures easy removal and reattachment, preventing any unnecessary struggles in busy festival bathrooms. Comfortable footwear like slip-on shoes or sandals also facilitates swift movements, enhancing the overall festival experience.

Conversation starters

Its fun to wear clothes that are interesting and perhaps conversation starters. Clothes and accessories that are unusual or have a particular pattern are examples of this. 

At a festival, wearing unique and eye-catching clothing styles and items can serve as excellent conversation starters. Consider donning vibrant and unconventional pieces such as sequined jackets, vintage band t-shirts, or statement hats adorned with quirky pins or patches. Embracing bohemian-inspired attire like flowy maxi skirts, fringed vests, or embroidered blouses can also spark interesting discussions about personal style and festival culture. Accessorizing with bold jewelry, funky sunglasses, or even LED accessories adds an extra layer of intrigue, inviting others to strike up conversations and share in the festive spirit.

festival clothing

Here are some examples of festival outfits (of which there are many) Festivals are a great excuse to dress up in novel outfits that you might not wear in everyday life. Stand out or conversation starter details may include feathers, LED light up details, interesting headwear and interesting sunglasses. Dressing up with friends in similar outfits is also a great way to feel part of a group, have fun and make an impact.

Are you going to a festival this year? If so what outfits do you have planned?

Other bags in the goodordering range that are great for festivals

goodordering neon tube bag shoulder bag goodordering neon tube bag shoulder bag 






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