Goodordering brand video

Goodordering brand video

A little bit about the brand and what inspired me to start Goodordering in 2012. This video is set at our new design studio and showroom on Columbia road in east london and our pop-up shop on Hackney rd. We also were lucky enough to get some of our lovely customers to add some feedback about what they love and would add to Goodordering.

This video was made by film maker Olly Cooper who has done some great video shooting, editing and art direction for some great brands. You must check out his website at the link above.

I hope that this video gives you a bit more idea of the story and people behind Goodordering. We are a small company right now but hopefully growing with the help of our customers. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments for us! 

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I really Love this! super inspiring :)

Geraldine Wharry

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