Goodordering colouring-in book

Goodordering colouring-in book

I don't know about you but i love colouring in between lines. The brain switches off and you get taken into a world of simplicity. I used to obsessively colour in grid paper when i was young and i still get excited at the prospect of a juicy felt tip.

As i have designed all of our Goodordering bags in adobe illustrator and i am partial to fills and brushes (illustrator jargon) i thought i would share some of the designs and elements with my lovely customers and friends here.

You can download for free the whole pdf to print out by clicking HERE or here are some sample pages below.

Goodordering colouring-in book

Its also the perfect way to get yourself (and your kids) away from those very addictive but useful electronic devices such as phones and ipads but still do something fun that all the family can join in on together.

Goodordering colouring-in book

Goodordering colouring-in book

Goodordering colouring-in book

Goodordering colouring-in book

Some of my other favourite colouring-in resources include

Modern Toss: The weekend colouring book

This book looks really funny and dry and the kind of book that would definitely make the most cynical person break out in a small smile.

modern toss the weekend colouring book

Wallpaper that can be coloured 

WallpaperMassive coloring in by laurawrightstudio and other brands also do similar designs. What better way to decorate your kid's bedroom.
colouring-in wallpaper
Colouring in wallpaper

Free online pages

I love that now in this age of increased awareness of sustainability, many companies are bringing out 'download yourself' colouring in pages that you can just print out as you need. No shipping costs either. Some examples are this one Crayola free to download colouring in pages and Just colour for kids. Super coloring is another resource where you can download interesting images such as these Egyptian vases to colour in , i think its cool when you can also learn new things at the same time. 

The animal colours

Kidly is a very cool kids online shop, they are selling this colouring book which is nicely minimalist and stylised. I like it very much

the animal colours colouring book stylish Kidly 

Giant coloring posters

Giant coloring posters are a great alternative to the colouring-in wallpapers. These ones you can stick up for a group of kids or the whole family to participate in at the same time. Who doesn't love a bit of group colouring ? This one which features dinosaurs is also available on Kidly.

coloring in poster kidly

Colour in pyjamas

These pjs are just adoreable and again create an activity and a memory out of a commercial, functional item. One thing that covid has affected is that activities and socialising will never be taken for granted again. Home schooling means the day needs to be divided and carefully curated to make sure that my kids don't sit in front of a screen for 6 hours a day. In our household i try to limit it to 2 hours which seems a lot but the day is long and when its cold outside it is actually very difficult to come up with enough activities to fill up the whole day. So these kind interactive projects that don't take too long to do are perfect. I love the creativity of these colour - in pyjamas from Kidly and i think there would also be t-shirts and other clothing item equivalents in the market place.

colour in pjs kidly

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