Goodordering on Tiktok

Goodordering on Tiktok

Recently i joined tiktok, i had previously thought it was only a channel for the cool kids, however now i realise that it should just be thought of as a similar channel to instagram but with a much more focus on video rather than still images.

I am using this platform to showcase my bags, and because a bag is a functional item with inside / outside / upside down, it really is easiest to show my bags off on video. Here is our new account below - we have only 131 followers so i'm hoping you might follow me too if you have a tiktok account. :)

 Goodordering tiktok

The main types of content i'm showing here can be broken down into two types

1) showcasing products

2) Talking about how i run my small business 

I would love to collaborate with other tiktok creators, so if you have an account and would be up for reviewing one of my bags please get in touch with me (or DM through instagram)

I am also doing some sales through the tiktok channel, as i discover the kinds of things i can do, learning more about the platform i have learnt the following.

* you can only do some things when you have a certain amount of followers. For example to 'GO LIVE' on tiktok you need 1000 followers. 




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