Cyclefox is all about building happy, vibrant and connected communities through cycling.... so are we at Goodordering.

We have been featured on their website alongside a few other brands that we love - you can read more about the founding story of Goodordering and me, Jacqui Ma.

Jacqui "Travel the world and don't be afraid to take risks"

You can join CycleFox for just £10 and get 15% off straight away on loads of cool brands including Goodordering . This means that if you are looking to buy a Goodordering shopper at £65 (our best seller) , you technically only pay 0.25p for membership (yes i did the maths!), and then you continue to get 15% off a whole bunch of cool independent brands. did i say INDEPENDENT brands! woohoo (too much coffee!)

Click here to read more about Cyclefox

You can also read an interview on me where i a waffle a lot and tell people to travel the world and brush their teeth by clicking on the link.

Click here to visit the Goodordering page on Cyclefox

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