Happy Shopper range

Happy Shopper range

Introducing our new range of bags soon to be released into the world. They will be made from recycled polyester as a continuation of our journey towards making our products more sustainable. I have given the range a working title "happy shopper" because i heard that this was one of the names that people call the classic laundry bags of a similar print fabrication. 

Inspiration images below

Tartan inspiration THom BRowne. Goodordering


Goodordering happy shopper range

As Goodordering has always been a utilitarian brand with its roots in the humble activity of commuter cycling, it only seemed right for our first pattern print to be something iconic, timeless and democratic.

Rolltop backpack

This is our classic roll top backpack which is a bicycle pannier bag and roll top backpack in one. Its a best seller of ours and i can't wait to see it made from this fabric. 


Its a bit wacky but this is the bag that i really can't wait to be produced. Its a handy summer bag which you can pack full of games and food and take it to the park with you. When you want to recline you can simply lie back and use it as your pillow.

Eco handlebar bag Tartan Goodordering

This is another classic Goodordering style which has been in the Goodordering family right from the beginning. This style attaches to the handlebar bags on your bicycle and you can also use it as a cross body bag.

Bum bag

The bum bag is a nifty little bag that can be worn around your waist, but if you want more street cred you can also wear it over one shoulder hanging down the front of your body. You can also use this bag to attach to your bicycle as it has a clear pocket at the back that you can pop your phone in and use for navigation. If you don't believe me, check out the image here. 

Classic backpack

The classic backpack is also a style that i have had in the collection from day 1. This backpack as a separate pocket for a laptop at the back. Its compact, boxy and a very preppy bag that is reminiscent of a school bag.

Wine cooler

This is a brand new piece and an important part of the 'park range' which are bags designed to hang on in parks with (see the billow). 

Eco picnic pannier tartan range Goodordering

The picnic pannier is a bag that be used as a regular bag and also as a bicycle pannier to attach to your pannier rack. Its boxy shape allows you to stack it full of boxes of food to take to the park for a picnic. See our blog post on the best picnics HERE. 

Lunch box insulated Goodordering tartan range

This is a new little bag designed to put into your bag or rucksack and take on little adventures with you. Fill it with a drink, fruit and some sandwiches. It is insulated and comes with a handy grab handle. Also perfect for taking your lunch to work (when offices open back up and we return to actually leaving our house for work!)

Wash bag Goodordering tartan range

The wash bag is a new piece that i'm toying with adding to this collection (if i have enough money!) It is pretty simple and straight forward and one of the few bags in the Goodordering collection that is aimed specifically as an 'inside' bag. Maybe its because i've been dreaming and fantasising about going away on holidays.

Market shopper tartan Goodordering

The market shopper is our favourite 3 in 1 bag that has been a goodordering favourite right from the beginning. It is a backpack, a bicycle pannier and a shoulder bag. We thought it was a good idea to offer our second best selling piece into our new eco tartan fabric. We hope that it is going to be a cracking seller in this range too.

Saddle bag

The saddle bag is a nifty little tubular bag that can be worn cross body with an adjustable shoulder strap or it can be attached onto your bicycle or buggy. Its perfect for carrying around your phone, keys and just the essentials. Over the years it has proven to be a real unisex favourite.

Vanity case / box bag goodordering

The box bag is very boxy and inspired by vintage vanity cases from the 70's and 80's. It zips open at the top and things can be accessed from the top. There is also a little pocket at the front. 

tote bag tartan

The Tote bag is also a brand new piece and inspired by the tote bags that we can buy for a £1 at the supermarket to carry your heavy groceries home.  The idea is that you can also throw your things in it for a picnic or trip to the seaside. We are also hoping this piece is going to be a hit for the gentlemen and many of our bags are unisex and aimed at women. I'm really excited about this one! 

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