How I tripled sales during Covid19

/ By Jacqui Ma

I was determined not to let Covid19 destroy my business so I worked my arse off and it’s paid off, I’m on track to have tripled my sales compared to April last year. This is how I did it.

  • I set a goal to double sales and then readjusted that when I reached it

  • I monitored it several times a day

  • I came up with creative marketing ideas and executed them

  • Added gift vouchers and pre-ordering to the website 

  • I used the small size of my business to be nimble and introduced new products

  • I upped my standard of customer service

  • I secured a Covid19 business interruption loan which boosted confidence

Jacqui ma goodordering

Introducing face masks designed in the Goodordering style to go along with our range of cycling bags didn’t seem too way off brand. Many cyclists have already started wearing face masks to counter city pollution so as an accessory it made sense to try it out. People will go back to commuting to work, at least some of the time once Lockdown restrictions are lifted, so our functional bike bags will eventually pick up in sales, that’s why it’s been important to carry on with our plan for new product development in the bag market as well.

I don’t know how my business will perform in May and in the current circumstances I may not have any control over how people will be consuming, but for now I need to everything I can to support other small businesses by first making sure my business survives. There has never been a time that the saying “make lemonade from lemons” has been so relevant. 


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