How to be unproductive during lockdown

How to be unproductive during lockdown

Sometimes you just need to stop working and embrace doing nothing! here is a list of things you can do to be completely unproductive. I highly recommend trying some of them! 
  • Have afternoon naps
  • Scroll through Instagram
  • Start but not finish watching something on Netflix
  • Look for something you have misplaced in your house
  • Write some lists
  • Doodle on a note pad
  • Stare at your own face in the mirror for a long time
  • Try on some clothes you haven’t worn for a while
  • Go for a walk whilst eating a biscuit
  • Look at property online that you will never be able to afford
  • Sit in the sunshine and daydream
  • Have a long bath every day
  • Think about odd jobs around the house you should do
  • Try out some radical make up looks
  • Look up your horoscope reading for the day, week, year
  • Play a board game or solitaire
  • Do Fantasy online shopping

Lying in bed

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty for being unproductive
  • Other people are probably being equally as unproductive as you
  • This situation won’t last forever and you will wish you did some of the things on the above list whilst you had the time
  • Because unproductive activities can be good for the soul
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