How to care for your Goodordering bag

How to care for your Goodordering bag

Your Goodordering bag will give you a good few years of life when being used everyday. We have had many customers who have bought new bags after they have worn out. Zips can be fragile creatures and taking bags on and off bicycles can also be prone to tears and holes. 

Follow some of these tips to keep your Goodordering in tip top condition.

  1. Lift don’t drag
  2. Don’t stuff it too full
  3. Clean the surface with a baby wipe or soapy cloth
  4.  Soak white straps if they get too dirty overnight in some diluted bleach
  5. Keep your cosmetics in pouches, and make sure pens are capped in order to keep the lining clean.

To clean your Goodordering bag:

If its really dirty you can put it in the wash on a gentle cycle or wash it down with kitchen detergent and a sponger or scourer.
The strap can be soaked overnight in a bowl with a few drops of bleach.

If you have any questions about the warrenty of your Goodordering bag, please refer to this page HERE or contact us at

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