How to do autumn

How to do autumn

I’ve always been more of a summer person myself, coming from Australia. However since I’ve moved to the UK I have learnt to embrace autumn as I see some are slipping away between my fingers.

This blog post is all about a few things that i have personally done to make the most of autumn.

  • Invest in a good thermos to take for nice walks, staying warm is the key to enjoying winter

Kids with backpacks

  • Make a blanket ~ crochet is my weapon of choice, I’ve been making all sorts of nice cosy items like dressing gowns and blankets, a cosy past time.

Autumn crochet blanket 

  • go for walks at different times of the day
  • go for bike rides, make sure you have some good bike lights and reflective surfaces for safety, all of our Goodordering pannier bags have reflective tape.

Autumn goodordering cyclist
  • do some craft with leaves, seeds and other nature, a great activity to do with kids but equally a fun activity to do by yourself too. there is absolutely no shortage of inspiration available on the Internet when you type in “Autumn craft ideas”

Autumn leaf craft
  • like bird watching you can also do leaf watching (I just made this up). I will go for a little walk pick up some leaves and then try to identify the different trees that the leaves pods and seeds have come from. 
Autumn leaf craft
    • Invite neighbours over to your house for hot choc and cookies. I inviting them over your get an invitation that outside it’s really nice to be in the comfort of someone else’s cosy house. It’s a cheaper activity too !
    Piano playing
    • Learn something new or take up a new hobby. I always like to try new things last autumn started playing the piano again. I also have the urge to do a course on ceramic making, that’s been on my list for a while 🪴. There are so many online courses that you can do even learning to crochet pick up a new skill is something really great to do in the autumn season.
    • Do some baking, or cooking. I’m going to try out some new recipes that I haven’t made before, such as making pastry from scratch and different kinds of vegetarian pies.
    Apple picking
    • Go Apple Picking - Visits to orchards are a typical autumn thing to do, and there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as heading to the outdoors for some apple-picking fun. Colors can range from dark green to orange, bright pink and even a combination depending on the variety. Plus, each will have different flavor profiles. Be sure to ask the farmer at the orchard to tell you what the characteristics of the different varieties are, then you can decide what to do with them. Perhaps bake an apple pie for a neighbor.

    Apple pie

    In summary, there are lots of cosy or to me things you can do during this season, it’s hard to get used to the cold especially for me from Australia but I just have to embrace it by getting the woolly jumpers out and enjoy the season and it’s beautiful colours. 


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