Inspirational visual instagram accounts

Inspirational visual instagram accounts

I am glued to instagram a lot of the time, it’s my favourite social media. Here are some of my favourite visual accounts right now. 

I know alot of things (link here)

This instagram account features a collection of modernist kids book covers. I just love the simplicity of this account and the fact that each image reveals additional images behind it that you can look further into. Its not just the illustrations that are so damn amazing and nostalgic but also the typography which really sets the scene for this modernist books. I bet many illustrators would be inspired by this collection, almost a reference of 50's books and 50's graphics. I keep wanting to find books that i used to own. I also wonder if the books that my kids are reading now will one day become classics.

Present & Correct (link here)

Stationery always excites me. It must be because i was addicted to it as a kid. I loved fresh felt tips, unused note pads and stickers. From flat lays of stationery to graphics, the account features mostly products that the east london shop stocks plus other inspirations including photography and other vintage products.

Present and correct

Goodordering (link here)

We couldn't leave out our very own instagram account. I (jacqui the founder) manage this account myself and its definitely a combination of Goodordering products, random inspiration and even some personal posts. As an owner of a small family brand i think its important that the instagram reflects how i actually run the business. The feed also includes some people that i find inspirational and lots of customer images and comments about Goodordering.

Goodordering instagram account

Blackheart Pencil (link here)

This instagram account features a lot of pencils. It is a Korean instagram account which celebrates the art of pencils, the most iconic stationery item that ever existed. The instagram account features both the pencils AND the packaging which makes this so great. What isn't there to like about looking at pencils?

Coven bakery (link here)

Coven bakery is a south east london based company that specialise in the most delectable and kitsch cakes you have ever seen. The description of the account reads "Angels making your dream cakes". There has been a recent trend towards really over the top creamy pastel cakes and this instagram account really encapsulates this. Cherries, pastels and collages of cakes floating in the sky, what more can you ask for. I can spend an hour scrolling through this account planning my next birthday cake!

Coven bakery

Lazy oaf (link here) 

Lazy oaf is another london brand which has cult following. I own a fair few of their pieces of clothing and always feel good when i wear them. That is the difference with this company - the way the clothes make you feel. Happy and eccentric and what more could you want when hanging out in east london?! 

Lazy oaf

Accidentally Wes Anderson (link here)

Accidentally Wes Anderson is like a collection of fan images of the iconic Wes Anderson aesthetic. Off the back of the success of this instagram page came a book which i purchased as a present for my brother for xmas last year. I love the Wes Anderson aesthetic which is really easily identifiable. Often symmetrical, simple, often colourful and features geometric shapes.

Accidentally wes Anderson

Rolandopujol (link here)

Roadside Americana vintage signs and store fronts. So many great signs and so little time. This instagram account is like an archive of graphics and architecture which may not be around for much longer. I remember visiting the neon sign graveyard on a trip to Las Vegas where you can get right up close to many signs like the ones in this instagram account. Its really a touch of nostalgia.

Roadside americana

Christopher Corr (link here)

Christopher Corr is a london based illustrator and artist. His instagram account is a barrage of colour and shape and a freedom in illustration that you don't always see now that so many artists and illustrators are creating their work digitally. I like that you can see the texture of the paper and the freedom of creativity in how he works. I love that many of his images depict exotic locations and city scapes .He also does trees and countryside scenes pretty well too. Looking at Corr's work makes me want to pick up a felt tip right now!

Christopher corr

I would love to hear about your favourite instagram accounts too so please comment with yours below. 

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