International Women's Day

International Women's Day

I was thinking about international women's day and how to best celebrate it and what it means to me. As a mum of 2 sons and a sister of three brothers, i have always seen myself on equal footing with most men. However, i do definitely celebrate the importance of equality.

To celebrate this International women's day, i would like to shout out to some of my heros - both men and women who have had an impact on my life and business journey. Some of these women & men have really literally helped me, some have helped me by proxy but all of them have inspired me along the way.

mum elke de wit 34point4 skincare Jenni from London Bike kitchen
My mum, dentist & mother of four
Elke de Wit from sustainable skincare brand 34.4 
Jenni from London Bike Kitchen
vanessa belleau Perri Lewis Mastered neil from Tokyobike London
Vanessa Belleau my old colleague from WGSN Perri Lewis, my old boss and co-founder of Mastered Neil from Tokyobike London
Julietta Boscolo mia wallden
Julietta Boscolo, film maker and school friend from Sydney Mia Wallden, costumier & my partner and mother of our two kids Pailin Brzeski, homeopathist and friend from Puma
Andrew ma kathryn burgess amber daines
My dad who is always there for me Kathryn Burgess, bike business owner & dog mum Amber Daines, founder of bespoke communications 
emma jones enterprise nation Russ jones hackney gt Claire Thyrsson Short
Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation Russ Jones, founder of Hackney GT Claire Thyrsson-Short co-owner of Chillspace events company

There are many many more people that i would / should / love to shout out to here, all of you who have helped me and been kind and encouraging to me. This post is all about acknowledging the huge amount of people who make it possible for one person to live their life well. So happy women's day 2019 to everyone!   


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