Its personal

Its personal

Having your initials or your name on your bag is a growing trend across many brands and product categories. The urge for personalisation has been growing as individuals want to be seen as the amazing-one-off-creations they are. Technology and manufacturing has also come a long way to help make this possible over a range products including food!  

Personalised food with initials customised

A few years ago Nutella released a Christmas gifting idea where you go into Selfridges and you can order your name on a jar of Nutella, the perfect office gift or present for someone who has everything. Toblerone followed suit and other food brands now also have this option available. Simply by tweaking the packaging iconic brands can suddenly become a lot more personal. It is a great way of brands connecting on a deeper emotive level with their customers and also gaining new customers as well.

The adding of initials on luxury products is not something new, mainly because when you are investing a few thousand dollars on a bag, adding gold embossed initials can seal the deal and also add that extra luxury touch. Historically brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci and Smythson offer this service. More contemporary, but still luxury fashion brand Anya Hindmarch was one of my first inspirations of a brand really taking personalisation to the next level. 

Luxury personalised fashion brands customised letters initials

Bringing luxury elements to the mass market is a goal of Goodordering, with this in mind we love offering the same personalisation service to our customers. 

Goodordering personalised bags

You can select the personalisation option at the checkout on by adding just an extra £15 to your order.

Check out a folder with more of our personalised bags <here>

Link: Tatler article on personalised accessories


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