Life hacks to save money

Life hacks to save money

All over the news we are seeing that the UK is having a Cost of Living Crisis. Inflation is up and cost of buying basics are on the increase. 

The press reports that in April, energy bills are set to rocket by 50%, a 1.25% national insurance hike and council tax and interest rate rises are on the cards. More than ever we need to take stock of the little things and save money incrementally.

Here are some tips or life hacks to save money, most of them will also lead to you living a more sustainable life, so why not try some of them if you are not already.

Stop buying coffee

Take a thermos or insulated cup with you with coffee - saving money on buying coffee can add up. I love, check out their article on more reasons to use a reusable coffee cup and an analysis of the best ones on the market.

reusable coffee cups

Cut your heating bill

Make sure your heating is on a timer - opt for less rather than more heating. get. your favourite cardigan and snuggle up with it. Drape blankets over your sofa. The air will be fresher and better for you too.

Plan your meals 

Buying only what you need and planning your meals at the beginning of the week will cut down on wastage and your grocery bill. When you go to the supermarket, have a list prepared and stick to the list. Where possible buy the cheapest version of products and remember that condiments and seasonings can go a long way to make basic food such as fruit and vegetables really tasty.

batch cooking tuppaware

Batch cooking

cooking a big dahl or a curry that lasts you a few dinners. This one is recommended by @planetpatrolgallery There are some meals that lend themselves better to batch cooking. There are plenty of websites such as this one (bbc food) which outlines the best recipes for batch cooking - some of which include bolognaise, currys, soups, lasagnas.

Review your direct debits

Go through your bank account regularly and look at those little recurring costs that. you may be able to stop. Some subscriptions you might not even use any more. 

Ride a bicycle

Cut down on bus and tube rides, it will save you up to £10 per day to ride a bicycle and you will also get a great workout, you can save on your gym membership at the same time! If you normally drive a car you can cut down your fuel costs by exchanging some of your drives with cycling trips. You might even find that you really enjoy it.

thift shop

Search for discounts

When shopping online you’ll see various deals and promo codes. Sometimes, you may have to do something like sign up to a newsletter to receive 10% off your next order. Other times there may be a promo code you can find that will offer you a better deal.

Review your utility suppliers

There are companies like Utility switch that can help you find the best deals for utilities. As this is a high cost, its worth looking into things like this because once you put the work in, you will save a lot more money. 

Drop bad habits

If there are any habits that you are not proud of such as drinking too much or smoking then this is the ideal opportunity to stop or cut down. As taxes on these items rise, these things are becoming even more expensive than before. You will be surprised on how much money you can save just on cutting down on cigarettes which you will be happy that you did from a health stand point too.

Use re-useable bags when shopping

They are not expensive but they are not great for the environment, so next time you go shopping take a reuseable bags such as fabric bags or reusable shopping bags with you rather than getting new plastic bags which you will keep paying for.

Sell things you don't use

This will also help to change your mindset about things that you buy. If you sell items you don't use you can get some cash for them.

Make a budget

Planning your weekly or monthly expenditure is a good way to ensure you don't spend more than you want to. I used to get cash out and only spend that much,  but this doesn't work so much these days. Come up with a way to keep your budget - write it down on a note in your phone or use an app. 

In summary here is a list of things you can do to save money.

  1. Cut your heating bill
  2. Plan your meals
  3. Batch cooking
  4. Review your direct debits
  5. Ride a bicycle
  6. Search the web for discounts
  7. Review your utility suppliers
  8. Drop bad habits 
  9. Sell things you don't use
  10. Make a budget
Please send us a message or comment with other life hacks that you could share with us!
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