Living Coral Pantone Colour of the year 2019

Living Coral Pantone Colour of the year 2019

Its always pretty exciting to see what colour will be selected as Pantone colour of the year. Having worked in trend forecasting i know understand the process of selection and how the final colour is a culmination of everything visual, political and social going on the world at the moment.

So the idea of this years colour being inspired by the importance of sustainability makes total sense to me.

Goodordering and pantone colour of the year 2019 living coral

Colour is really at the heart of Goodordering, when I started the brand back in 2012 there were already many high performance cycling bags in the market but most of them were black. Not only is that poor for high visibility, but i found it lacked inspiration for regular people to be motivated to become regular commuter cyclists. 

Pantone colour of the year living coral

Colour makes us feel... happy, sad, energised, cosy... it has the power to really influence our mood. That is why we take colour so seriously at Goodordering and are always looking at new colours, and why they are popular, how long will they be popular and who they will appeal to.

Our first classic range of bags were inspired by school colours-  classic timeless shades that have a unisex appeal - colours here included maroon, navy blue, green and grey. Also, early on we had a colour called 'Liver' which was a sort of pinky/brown colour. I thought it was pretty cool but soon realised it didn't sounds very appetising. We then changed the name of it to brown and many people loved that it looked like faux wood with its grainy texture. 

Recently we have launched our Monochrome collection- more appealing to people who do not really like our signature white binding. We started off by testing black and added a new more waterproof material to the range. Not happy for this whole range just to be black, i thought that bright primary colours would have a sort of lego-style look if they seemed that they were dipped in colour, and so the monochrome range was born.

If you have any colour ideas for us at Goodordering, don't hesitate to get in touch and share them with us! 



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