Goodordering face masks

Making Goodordering reuseble face masks

We have been busy making masks recently, Covid19 has shed a very harsh light on the importance of personal hygiene and personal space. Issues that have been in play in countries like Japan and Hong Kong for decades. I predict that even after Corona passes, people will be much more conscious of germs and continue wearing face masks when they are commuting and in confined spaces out of consideration for people around them.

Catrin from @specificco is an old friend who worked making amazing costumes for theatre, film and dance productions. During this time, as work has dried up in those fields with all productions stopped,  she has turned her skills to making useful things in the fight against COVID19.

I asked her to send me some photos of her production process making Goodordering face masks, and here are some photos of her set up in South London.

Goodordering reuseable face mask

It is really important that the materials used in making the face mask are 100% natural, as its sitting on your face, and needs to be breathable. These masks are made from 100% cotton. They consist of three layers which is the advisable construction to make these masks functional in stopping the spread of the virus.

Goodordering reuseable face mask

The three layers are all cotton and of a tight weave. The middle layer is a white tightly woven fabric which acts as a filter. The bias binding is more of an aesthetic detail and is made from polycotton.

Goodordering washable and reuseable face mask

The outer material is cut out in batches, it is a strong durable 100% cotton which can withstand washing at the advised 60 degrees. The mask is meant to be washed daily so it can withstand multiple washes, as it if was a piece of clothing. 

Goodordering washable and reuseable face mask

Due to the difficulty in sourcing materials during this time, Catrin uses this nifty little machine to make her own bias binding. Here is the result below.

Goodordering washable and reuseable face mask

So it is a truly handmade element of the mask, right down to the white binding. 

Goodordering washable and reuseable face mask

The elastic that holds the mask on the face wraps over the ears, during some mask testing, we found that a flat elastic is more comfortable that a rounded cord elastic.

Goodordering reuseable face mask

An overlocker machine holds all three layers tightly together. The masks are shaped to contour around the face using a ball to hold the shape in place when the layers are pinned together. This ensures a really comfortable fit of the mask. 

Goodordering corona virus face masks

Goodordering washable and reuseable face mask

Finally the masks are left unknotted so that the customer can adjust the length of the elastic to suit their own face. Once the elastic is knotted it can be worn and washed.

Goodordering washable and reuseable face mask

Here is an example of an early prototype which features rounded elastic, we did decide to change the elastic in the end to make sure the mask has the best fit for our Goodordering customers. 

The masks are good for commuting, cycling, walking and running, and co-ordinate with the classic Goodordering bags which you can see HERE.

If you have any questions about the masks please don't hesitate to contact us at


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