A day in the life of a work experience girl at Goodordering

A day in the life of a work experience girl at Goodordering

Last week we had a work experience student come and join us for a week in our London shtudio (showroom / studio) This was the first time we have had someone on work experience with us, so it was also a new experience for us. Her name was Mataya and she is 16 years old. We got her to do a bunch of things related to our social media, studio and customers, she had wednesday "working from home" and then on friday we got her to write a blog post about her experience and what she got up to.

Mataya in the Goodordering Showroom on columbia Road

This week I have been doing work experience with Jacqui at Goodordering.

Monday was my first day and I was on the Goodordering Instagram and Pinterest. On their Instagram, I was finding other accounts for them to follow and putting the accounts into different categories. On their Pinterest, I was posting photos from the Goodordering website.

goodordering instagram

On Tuesday I was mainly on Pinterest, I was clearing out the old pin boards that Jacqui didn’t need, and I was finding pin boards related to bikes e.g bike helmets, that Goodordering could follow.  

On Thursday, Jacqui asked me to take some photos of the bags outside against the colourful walls of Hackney, I walked around and explored the area and took some photos that you see below. 

On Friday I looked for bicycle shops and children boutiques in Australia, mainly Melbourne and Sydney, for Jacqui and did research on those particular shops, and wrote this blog post.  

bikes shops in australia


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