My tips for a successful pop-up

/ By Jacqui Ma

My Tips for a successful pop up

Over the four years i have been running Goodordering, we have done a few different types of pop-ups from weekend events, like the one shown in the photos in this post. To a pop up on the streets of New York which latest just 3 hours. Every kind of pop up event is different and should be approached according to its unique characteristics but here are some general tips that i am happy to share from my own experiences.

Goodordering tips for doing a successful pop up shop1. Have realistic expectations:  Having a pop up is equally about selling as it is about brand awareness, so when thinking about your success measures before the event, don't just have a financial target. Other measures could include meeting potential stockists, getting featured in press or gaining x number of followers on instagram.

2. Collect contact details: Have a sign-up to mailing list list, with clipboard + pen on hand somewhere easily accessible to your customers. If you can offer something in return for adding your email address all the better. Developing a good mailing list is the key to getting more online sales after the event. People underestimate the value of a good contact list which, can also be used for digital marketing and specifically targeting the correct customers for facebook ads.

Goodordering tips for doing a successful pop up shop

3. Think Experiential: Have something interactive on your stand or shop. I have a badge making machine where people can make their own badges, it’s great for getting families (who are my target audience) to stop and chat and have a look at the product. People may not buy something at your shop but the next best thing is for them to remember the experience. They are more likely to remember if they interacted physically whilst they were there. 

As Professor Edgar Dale wrote in relation to his Cone of Experience concept,

We remember 10% of what we read. 20% of what we hear. 30% of what we see. 50% of what we see and hear. 70% of what we discuss with others. 80% of what we personally experience. 95% or what we teach others.

Goodordering tips for doing a successful pop up shop

4. Collaborate: Team up with other brands that have either the same target audience or a similar aesthetic to you. You will be able to increase your invite list and you will have more variety for customers to look at. For the opening event we teamed up with a local beer brand and a local lemonade brand, we made sure that we publicised their products and in return we got some free beverages.

Goodordering tips for doing a successful pop up shop

5. Location, Location, Location: Don’t be obsessed with having your pop up in a high footfall area, although it’s great to have lots of people passing by, it is equally important that those people are people likely to be interested in your products and brand.

6. Look for a unique angle: Offer unique services at your pop up such as personalisation or interactive activities. Having your initials sewed onto a bag on the spot ensures that people don't leave empty handed.

    Goodordering tips for doing a successful pop up shop

    7. Be active, create a good vibe: This goes the same for any kind of retail presence whether it be a market stall, a tradeshow, a permanent shop or a pop up shop. Don’t just sit there -when you are at your shop, be active. Tidy up, re-arrange, make or label your products.. Nothing scares away customers more than someone sitting there staring out into space or being on your phone

    8. Create buzz: Invest in PR or do it yourself, spread the word several weeks before the pop up. Create a count down on social media.  Invite friends and family to a launch event. Don't get lulled into expecting that people will flood in when you open the doors.

      Goodordering tips for doing a successful pop up shop

      9. Amplify the event: Hand out fliers, include an online discount code which links back to your pop up so you can track future sales and attribute them to the pop up, even if you don’t make a whole lots of sales at the event, think long term.

      10. Don't forget the basics: A  practical but important detail, have a card machine so you can take mobile payments. There are a number of payment provides such as paypal and izettle that make this really easy using your iphone or ipad. Some other boring but essential details include having public liability insurance, product insurance and any relevant warnings or paperwork that might be necessary for your product.

        Goodordering tips for doing a successful pop up shop

        Finally, Make your stand looks awesome so people approach your stand, have a visible hashtag so people can share or tag their images of your stand on social media channels. Think about a pop-up as 'before, during and after' not just the during. 



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