Neon range photos

Neon range photos

We did a photoshoot inspired by the 1980s. Featuring Lisa, Otto, Max and shot by Justin. It was a busy day and we worked hard, there were lots of photos we needed to get for practical reasons ,we also managed to get some fun extras like the ones with the bicycle featured.

jacqui ma founder goodordering with pink bags

The concept behind the shoot was to showcase the bright colours by bouncing them off other strong colours, the outfits were selected based on their bold block colours and 80s / 70s vibe which compliments the Goodordering brand so well.


Goodordering black backpacks Neon

Saddle bag pink Goodordering

Goodordering saddle bag

Goodordering kids bags otto and max neon bags

Goodordering neon range

Goodordering Neon range

Goodordering neon range

Goodordering neon range

Kids mini roll bag neon pink

goodordering neon rangeBlack rolltop backpack goodordering

 Neon tote bag

neon tote bag

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