Novelty Bags

Novelty Bags

Goodordering is all about injecting a bit of fun into cycling, whilst also being functional. Thats why we love our Billow! Which is part bag, part billow. 

Billow - bag pillow by Goodordering

We have gathered over a hundred images of novelty bags on our Pinterest board - Novelty Bags. 

Novelty bag telephone green

Brands from Judith Lieber to Chanel do amazing novelty hand bags as part of their run way and courture collections. 

Novelty aquarium bag

Boom box bag judith Leiber

This bag above is called Boom box Rahim and it is part of Judith Leiber's collection, it retails for £4,780. Woahhhhh it is diamonte encrusted, made in italy and is just an amazing petit clutch bag.

LYDC Exclusive You Use To Call Clutch Bag

However, cute novelty bags don't need to be super expensive. This one above is from Asos, and is commercial and affordable to all.

This little Taxi bad it’s super cute and is made by Italian company Braccialini. They specialise in all sorts of handmade leather novelty bags which are just simply amazing in their detail and realism. Leather is a great material with which to construct these bags because the edges are clean and don’t fray. With Italy being at the forefront of leather development it surprises me that this company is not better known for their novelty hand bags than it is.

Taxi hand bag

One of my favourite design brands coming from the USA is Kate Spade, their fun loving bags are accessible to all but also have such a huge amount of design and attention to detail involved. Kate Spade herself is tragically not at the helm any more, so today the brand is much more watered down compared to what it used to be like, but nevertheless novelty bags are still at the heart of the brand's DNA.

kate spade

This pineapple clutch bag above is an occasion bag and opens up like a flip top and is completely made from leather. What a beauty. I especially love the use of studs as the pineapple spikes and the stitching which creates the jagged texture of the pineapple.

Betsy Johnson popcorn bag

This beauty is a timeless piece by Betsy Johnson. With its retro 50s inspiration we are taken right back to the early days of cinema. These novelty bags even capture the realistic size of a cardboard carton of freshly popped cinema popcorn. I need to get my hands on one of these bags.

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