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A local’s guide to Broadway market

I have lived at Broadway Market for the last 13 years and in this time I’ve seen the area change a lot. I’ve moved flats, had two kids and I’m still in the area. I live here and I work here. My business is based here and my kids go to school here.

 Broadway Market

If you’re ever in the area on a Saturday, you  would be lucky to visit Broadway Market - the actual market where the street get it gets its name from. In 1893 the street trading as a market selling everything from fruit and vegetables meat, flowers, eggs and essential clothing items. By the 1990s The market activity had dwindled down to just a few stalls. But in 2004 the market was revived as a weekend street market selling food and gift items. Since 2004 Broadway Market has increased in popularity and the actual road is closed to traffic between the trading hours of approximately 7am till 5 pm.

 Broadway Market

Broadway Market is arguably one of the most popular Saturday markets in London, with people coming from all over London and abroad to sample food and find unique gifts. Many now well established brands were launched on Broadway Market.

Here is a list of my favourite highlights of the area.

 The dove Broadway Market

The Dove

The Dove pub is an authentic is London pub that hasn’t changed much over the last few decades, it’s higgledy-piggledy layout and dim lighting makes you feel like you’re stepping back in time. There is a shelf of board games that you can use, it’s toilets have to be the worst on Broadway Market. However, it’s the perfect place to while away the hours with a glass of red wine on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

 Artwords bookshop broadway Market

Artwords bookshop

Artwords book shop on Broadway market is just one of the few bookshops on the street. It is located on the corner of Broadway Market and Jackman street m. They specialise in visual arts and visual culture books including a wide range of magazines, intelligent and forwardthinking kids books and great critical theory books.

 The virgin queen pub Broadway Market

The Virgin Queen

The Virgin Queen is a little bit south of Broadway Market i’m Goldsmith’s Row. It is a bit of a reprieve from Broadway Market on a very busy day. The pub specialises in all thingsfish and chips and one of my favourite places to go for a quiet glass of red wine.

 Pavilion bakery Broadway Market

The pavilion bakery

The pavilion bakery is my closest coffee point when I am at the market on a Saturday. Their Swedish style cinnamon buns and Pain au raisins are extremely juicy and tasty. There is always online for coffee but it is definitely worth the wait. If you are venturing a little bit further afield you can also go to the other pavilion café situated inside Victoria park about a 15 minute scenic walk along the canal.

London fields hanging out

London Fields

London fields for the park at the north end of Broadway Market. The park is always full of all different kinds of people and has a very relaxed vibe. in summer it is very busy and all through the year there are people jogging strolling, cycling, and dog walking. In fact I am convinced that London Fields has one of the highest population of dogs per square metre. Especially the fancy hipster dogs. There are a couple of good children’s playgrounds inside London fields the one along the main walkway And one of the north and find a pub on the park.

 London fields Lido

London fields Lido

One of the main highlights of London Fields is the lido. The lido I was originally opened in 1931 but fell into disrepair throughout the Thatcher years. It was only in 2006 that the pool was reconditioned and opened back up to the public. Over the last couple of years this 50 metre outdoor pool has been updated again following a crack found in the pool. It’s run by better health. You can get a monthly membership for just £32 which gives you full access to the pool all year round.

Off-Broadway bar Broadway Market

Off Broadway

Off-Broadway is a late-night cocktail venue which has a jazz bar in the basement. 
The bar is modelled on NYC's East Village, with Mexican street food menu, American beers and cocktails. Every time I’ve been there it has been a good night.






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