Post Covid trends

Post Covid trends

Here are some key social trends that are going to be even more prominent post covid19. Things will never be the same again and we are all adjusting to the new normal. Brands and people who adjust faster will come out as winners.

Health and well-being, anti-smoking

Kids wouldn't even believe that people used to smoke on planes. These days its even frowned upon to smoke on a beach.

The rise of food delivery

We have seen a huge rise in food delivery during lockdown due to the fact that we are home and delivery is the closest it comes to going out to a restaurant. After covid i think that this is will continue to grow and people realise how easy it is to order food at the press of a button.


Online dating

People are being matched and meeting through online dating apps more and more. Soon meeting someone in a bar will be a thing of the past.

The future is cashless

Even buskers are taking card these days. With Covid19, many businesses have stopped taking cash all together due to the risk of contimation. Even in my local cafe, The Bach, they are using the Pay.Dines app which allow customers to order at their table through the app. 

Card payment for buskers

Plastic straws will become obsolete

As well as plastic straws, many items that are designed or made to only be used once will also become obsolete as consumers become increasingly aware of the damage that single use plastics is doing to our environment and wildlife. 

Eating bugs

Eating bugs will be normal in most countries - currently over 2 billion people have bugs as a part of their normal diets. Insects are highly nutritional AND they are also much more environmentally friendly than other protein sources.

bug burger with worms

Tangled cables will be no more

In the very near future, all devices will be charged cable-free. Charging stations will be everywhere - in shops, railway stations, trains... so low battery panic will be a thing of the past. 

tangled cables

Paper passports will not exist

When travelling which is already stressful as it is, being reliant on a small booklet for international travel will seem absurd. People will be able to be identified biometrically instead.

Full time jobs won't exist

Half of the working population (in the US and UK) will be working as part of the gig economy- earning money through freelance or contract work. Having a job for life or even a full time job will seem outdated. Covid19 has already changed working habits forever with more people working from home and working flexible hours during school closures. This will only evolve into more flexible as companies realise that people can successfully work remotely.

Gender stereotyping will be a thing of the past.

The future will have unisex toilets, no more boy & girl sections in toy shops and beauty products for both men and women. Many department stores have scrapped "boy" and "girl" sections. In 2017, John Lewis was one of the first brands in the UK to remove boys and girls labels in kids clothing, they have also launched a unisex kids clothing line with the aim of not re-enforcing traditional gender stereotypes. Many other retailers have been criticised for their sexist clothing in the past. Gap, for example, came under fire for referring to girls as “social butterflies” and boys as “little scholars” in an advert promoting its new clothing range. This kind of stereotyping is already seen as outdated.

Gender neutral toilets

Shampoo won't be liquid.

Shampoo (and conditioner) will no longer be a liquid format but will be bars or soaps - as product innovation combined with publicity about water scarcity evolves iconic product formats. Other product formats will also evolve. This one below is sold by our friends at Radical Giving. 

Shampoo bar by Radical Giving

Marriage will be a past concept

Marriage  has been steadily declining since the 1970s - less social expectations and the rising cost of tying the knot and competing priorities could mean that marraige is all but completely phased out within a couple of generations.

The death of Stilettos 

High heels are just not comfortable, everyone can contest. Yes they make your legs look longer but humans are evolving to a much more comfortable life. Women are saying YES to sandals and NO to 6 inch stilettos. High heels have been labelled as uncomfortable, unhealthy and at odds with modern life. The Australian article ponders "Time will tell whether stilettos come to be seen as the arsenic face powder or whalebone corsets of their day." Comfort will be prioritised and this will also affect clothing, we have already seen a new category of fashion - loungewear and this will continue to evolve.

Chanel sandals street style

By 2030 all cars will be electric

Technology is progressing to a stage to where its predicted that by 2030, electric cars will replace petrol cars as they become more economically viable. 

In Summary, life will not be the same post covid, here are some trends to consider:
  • People won't smoke (or vape)
  • Online dating will be the norm
  • Cash won't exist
  • Single use plastic will be obsolete
  • We will eat bugs
  • Tangled cables won't exist
  • Paper passports won't exist
  • Gender will bend
  • Product formats will change eg solid shampoo
  • Marriage will be a past concept
  • The death of stilettos
  • All Cars will be electric - energy will be cleaned up
  • More food delivery

Marriages between men and women hit lowest rate on record, The Independent.

The Gig economy

Busking 2.0: London Performers To Start Accepting Contactless Payments Via IZettle

John Lewis has become the first UK retailer to remove gender labels from its children’s clothing.

Radical Giving, sustainable retailer

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