Pros and cons of double pannier bags

Pros and cons of double pannier bags

Double pannier bags have a traditional vibe to them because they are symmetrical and sit over your bicycle pannier rack allowing you to carry lots of things and distribute weight evenly across both sides of your bicycle. But they can also have their drawbacks. In this blog post i point out the pros and cons of double pannier bags, compared to single pannier bags.

I considered these points when deciding whether or not to add a double pannier bag to the Goodordering range of cycling bags.

Pros of double pannier bags

  • They are easy to attach to the bicycle by just draping over the pannier rack
  • They can carry lots of things in them
  • They can make your bicycle seem wider and therefore make it safer for you to ride in urban cities and busy areas
  • They provide symmetry and balance to your bicycle when riding.
  • It looks more symmetrical 
  • Can be great for long trips or big shopping trips

 Goodordering double pannier bag with adjustable shoulder strap

Cons of double pannier bags

  • Can be annoying or difficult to carry when not on the bicycle
  • You may not need so much storage space so are carrying them around unnecessarily.
  • They are quite wide and it might make it hard for you to squeeze between narrow spaces
  • They do not convert into other bags very easily, such as a backpack or shoulder bag
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