Save 21 Hours a Week By Removing These 5 Useless Things In Your Life

Save 21 Hours a Week By Removing These 5 Useless Things In Your Life

There are a lot of articles about how to save money by doing more things, the kinds of things that increase efficiency by coming up with more systems. However this obsession with productivity can actually be stifling. By turning around the thinking so its more about cutting things out rather than adding systems in, you can save a lot of time which can then be used to do other things that are more enjoyable.

Don't answer your phone or talk on the phone

30 mins per day saved. If people want to get hold of your they will email you. Most phone calls are junk mail calls that you will have to try hard to hang up on anyway. Text people back but keep it short and sweet, don't get into a cycle of long communication with anyone. 

Don't go to a gym, do exercise at home

30 mins per day saved. Save money commuting to locations for exercise and exercise at home instead, you will save money from commuting. If possible, worrk from home also, where you can cut down on commuting time do it where possible.

Stop Looking at your phone as a reflex

30 mins per day saved. It is so easy to spend time scrollling "death scrolling" as its known. Use your phone for what you need to and thats it, don't use it as a source of time wasting or entertainment, you will be pulled into it like a black hole of death.

Don't watch TV including the news

1 hour per day saved. Don't use tv to wind down, only watch films when you go to the cinema as an activity. Don't get sucked into any box sets or series that you will need to keep up with. Just don't watch tv. 

Don't put off what you can do right away

Saves in total 30 mins per day. Don't add anything to your 'to do' list that would take less than 3 mins to do right away, There should only be 3-5 things on your to-do list. This is because you shouldn't have a long list of things to do that are not really important, and there should only be 3-5 important things to do. Immediately do the things that you would have added to your list.


saving time 

I'm always curious to know what small things in people's lives waste the most time. For me, it's things like scrolling through social media mindlessly or watching too much television. I know I could definitely remove those things from my life and use that time for more productive things.
So, what about you? What are the small things in your life that waste the most time? Are there any that you could remove completely? I'd love to hear about them!
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