Should i wear a face mask when cycling or running?

Should i wear a face mask when cycling or running?

Regardless of Covid19 you can benefit from wearing a mask on a bicycle to cut down on pollution in cities.  However during this transition time, what is the etiquette and rules for wearing a mask when doing exercise outdoors?

The New York times published an article (here) with some expert advice. Here is a summary.

* there is a low risk of covid19 transmission outdoors
* wearing a mask is more about politeness than policy when outdoors
* some thicker fabrics can limit breathability when running and glasses may fog up
* use your own judgement about whether to wear a mask or not when running or cycling. 

walking and running with a mask

Wearing a mask is more about the social etiquette of not spreading germs that protecting you when doing exercise. In the UK the rules have just come in that in all shops, it is mandatory to wear a mask so this will no doubt also influence mask wearing as a wider social culture. More people across the board will be wearing masks and especially if someone has a cold or flu, they will wear a mask to stop the spread of germs in general.

Cycling with a mask

Personally, i feel that if you are a in a highly densely populated environment i would wear a mask, and if i was in somewhere more remote i would carry a mask with me and put it on if i pass someone.

The masks can be worn under the chin or pulled down under your nose, this will help with breathing and also be easy and quick to lift up when necessary. 

This article here published on Medium also has a lot of great tips regarding etiquette when running or cycling and wearing a mask.



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