Goodordering Six Way Bag

Goodordering Six Way Bag

DESIGN is at the heart of all Goodordering products. The bag on feature this week is one of our four original bags - the Handlebar bag. It was designed by yours truly back in 2012 when i was dreaming up an alternative to the basket. Don't get me wrong, i love a basket, but they do have some limitations. 

Goodordering handlebar bag Orange

Use 1: Grab the grab handle

For the handlebar bag, i wanted to design a compact bag that could be dressy enough to take out as a hand bag for ladies and for men, it could be a mini utility bag that could sit right up high on their backs like a miniature messenger bag.

Working in the creative industry casual dress is the code, not a suit in sight and for many ladies, heavy leather handbags just don't match with streetwear, loungewear or jeans. 

Goodordering handlebar bag Orange

 Use 2: Clip it onto the handlebars of your bicycle.

Just like you are not a runner OR an office worker, you are not a cyclist OR a graphic designer. Our bags are not cycling bags, they are bags that can be attached onto bicycles. 

Back of Goodordering handlebar bag Orange

When i started designing the Goodordering bags, not many people know that i redesigned the whole range 3 times over. The bags were always going to be cycling bags, but the aborted designs just didn't make my heart go fuzzy or my arm hairs rise, they didn't have their own identity, they were versions of other bags that already existed. And i should know. Prior to starting Goodordering i had been trend forecasting bags, accessories and shoes for 8 years with WGSN. I knew every bag brand that existed (almost) and had seen brands rise to fame as well as flop. 

Goodordering handlebar bag Orange

Use 3: Wear it as a cross body bag

Truth be told, it wasn't my favourite bag. But when the sales figures started talking, it soon became a bag that i started to appreciate. Other people clearly did too, here are some reviews <link>. Some of the considerations for this bag included it having several pockets for easy access to things like keys and phones. Many customers are not fans of the open side pockets which is a signature of Goodordering, and i understand their worry. However, how many of you have seen glamorous women running across roads with their leather tote bags gaping open and their LV wallets, water bottles, tissues and other crap half falling out. Its not that i was inspired by poor closure choices, its just that i was inspired by bringing some of the details and attitudes of fashion bags into the world of cycling. Cycling rules say 'have everything tightly bundled and hidden away so not a drop of water can touch your stuff', whilst fashion rules say, 'be as carefree and nonchalant as you like because thats just easier if you need to grab your stuff and i am my crap so go ahead, look.

Goodordering handle bar bag pannier

Use 4: Wear it as a backpack

We love our customer reviews and this one here below demonstrates just how important our customers are to us. Both the Handlebar bag and the Market shopper are our hero bags and have undergone many tweaks and modifications directly based on customer feedback. Call it co-design, call it minimum viable product or continuous improvement.. its the life blood of Goodordering.

Don't get me wrong we don't follow every single customer's whim, and there have been some funny suggestions! :) Here is a review I love ;)

Batman's Bag  
John on Sep 11, 2017
I met jacqui at a bicycle fair about a year ago and chatted about her handlebar bag. "I have to have it in black." i said. jacqui replied, "I'm trying to steer clear of black." "Yes," I said. "But I'm batman." i'm happy to say that jacqui has come to her senses and started making her excellent bags in black (and white). i bought one and i'm very glad that i did. it is beautifully designed, lightweight and yet very roomy. robin is torn up.

Goodordering handlebar bag

Usage 5: Pannier bag

Usage 5 is not strictly necessary on a bicycle like this shown because as small bag its not always necessary not to wear it on your body. However there ARE times when i'm transporting metal buttons, gold bullion or Swedish brown cheese around where the weight of the bag is much more than meets the eye.

goodordering handlebar bag
Usage 6: Buggy bag

Bikes are not that different to buggies and when bike-riding women get preggars, it might be nice for them to know that they can unclip their bike bag and transfer it over to their buggy. Mobility is mobility and we help people get around town. For an extra investment of £5 you can add a baby change mat to the bag and no one would ever have known that you were a cyclist :) 

All jokes aside, The aesthetic of Goodordering is about nostalgia. I fondly remember the lines and shape of my first school bag and every time i see that shape i think back to those days pissing about with my brothers after school. Having a bag style that is there in the buggy days, toddler days and grown up days creates memories, like remembering your first bicycle. Do it now.... think back... what was your first bicycle? Mine was a red BMX.

If you like this bag, you can buy one for £40 HERE - they come in 6 colours.


Introducing the stealth collection

Design inspired by Japanese school bags

Goodordering x Brompton

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Hi, I just want to say that I have 3 oF these bags which I use on the handlebars of my mobility scooter. They are fantastic and I love the open side pockets btw – I keep my lip balm etc. handy on one side and I fit a small umbrella in the other. Everything is quickly to hand. thanks for designing them!

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