The art of Sleeping outdoors

The art of Sleeping outdoors

When was the last time you slept outdoors? I cannot remember the last time i spent a whole night outside or even in a tent. The closest is last year when i went glamping, but it was hardly outdoors although it was very cold!  When it is a choice (yes there are lots of people in poverty) it can be a special experience that is worth having. Here are some ways you can fall asleep al fresco! I highly recommend trying some of them!

Babies sleeping in their buggies / strollers

Danish parents often let their babies take daytime naps outdoors in their strollers. The practice can seem odd to visitors, so why is it so popular in the Nordic countries? It is thought that sleeping outside has a calming effect, is good for immune systems, reducing coughs and colds, improving duration and quality of sleep, and doctors recommend it as a way to decrease children's exposure to germs and reduce the risk of infection, 

Sleeping outside at a luxury hotel

Sleeping outside south africa

For those lucky enough people who can afford a 5 star hotel and a trip to a warm climate, sleeping outside is a new luxury experience offered by many hotels set in beautiful and warm climates. 

In the Singita Lebombo Lodge at Singita Kruger National Park, there's two choices of dreamy beds overlooking the plains where lions, giraffe, zebra and more all live. There's the actual bed and then a day bed outside, complete with a mosquito net, so guests can choose to sleep under the African night's sky instead.

Sleeping under the stars

"Sleeping under the stars" has become not just a saying but a symbol of happiness, the capturing of a special moment that we wouldn't necessarily do regularly but is something that everyone should strive to do once in their lives. Kids love the idea of camping out in the backyard, so it doesn't even necessarily matter where the stars are, but the change in environment from inside to out can really boost happiness through a 

sleeping under the stars

Sleeping on the beach during the day

The sunshine and holiday vibes make it very tempting to fall asleep. Try a power nap for about 30 minutes or less. This will prevent your body from entering the deep sleep stage so you don't feel groggy upon waking up. If you're prone to sunburn, this might be an ideal length of time for a beach nap. Make sure that you have lots of sunscreen on before you fall asleep so you don't burn!

Sleeping on a beach sunbathing

Camping at a festival 

Camping is an activity accessible to almost anyone, its roughing it for a few nights to get closer to nature. It is an experience that some people may do not purely out of choice but out of neccessity for example, camping at a festival. You are there not so much for the experience of camping but for the overal festival experience including the music, social element and artistic activities depending on the festival. There are some tips for camping at a festival and these include

* don't pitch near paths or the toilet

* use brightly coloured or neon strings / ropes

* find a nice flat pitch

* pack relevant equipment such as ear plugs

* make your tent design memorable so you don't forget what your tent looks like. You can mark it with a ribbon, flag or similar. When you are tired and stumbling back to find your tent this will be a big help

Camping at a festival Glastonbury

Sleeping in a tent camping

A much nicer experience than camping at a festival, is camping at a place of beauty and nature. If the weather is nice you can keep the door of the tent open completely and practically be outside. 

One of the great things about camping is that you can sleep under the stars in a tent. Sleeping in a tent is an amazing experience, especially when you are camping in the great outdoors. There are a few things you need to consider when sleeping in a tent, such as the weather and the insects.
If you are camping in a cold climate, make sure you have a warm sleeping bag. You don't want to be cold during the night. Insects can also be a problem when sleeping in a tent. If you are in an area with mosquitoes, make sure you have a mosquito net.


Dozing in a park

If you are like me you may prefer to doze in a park during the day. Maybe a picnic where you have a little moment of peace to experience the fresh air the night after a big night out. It can be for all ages young and old. You might have a hammock, you might have a pillow (or a Goodordering billow! - bag pillow) or you might have a cosy blanket to lie on. 

It is really relaxing to doze off to sleep in a park. I often find myself dozing off to sleep in parks. There's something about the fresh air and the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze that makes me feel incredibly relaxed. I often find myself enjoying a nice nap in the park much more than I do sleeping in my bed at home.

sleeping on a hammock

Animals sleeping outside

The Koala of Australia is an example of a species that has mastered the art of sleeping outdoors. This is due to the fact that they have adapted to spend the vast majority of their time in eucalyptus trees. Animal behavior experts and biologists alike agree that spending time in nature for restful sleep is part of a crucial cycle for balance between homeostasis and activity.

The reason that spending time outdoors is so important for Koalas is because it allows them to regulate their body temperature. When it gets too hot, they can move to a shady spot or take a dip in a nearby pool. When it gets too cold, they can curl up in a ball to keep warm. This flexibility is what allows them to survive. Sleeping outdoors can have the same benefits for humans both young and old, as we have seen with the nordic babies sleeping outdoors in their prams even in the cold weather.

Koala sleeping outdooors

Sleeping in an open caravan

If you are part of the #offgrid population you would have slept outside quite a lot, I like the idea of sleeping in a space which is neither indoors nor outdoors but a bit of both. Lying in a room with wide open doors gives the feeling of being outside whilst also having the convenience of being inside.

Sleeping in a campervan

There are many benefits to sleeping outdoors for humans. One benefit is that it can help improve your sleep quality. Sleeping outdoors can also help reduce stress and anxiety levels, and can help improve your mood. Additionally, sleeping outdoors can help boost your immune system, and can help you get a better night’s sleep.

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